India Vacation Packages

India vacation packages are typically centered around two themes: either a general grand tour of the major highlights of the country or a very focused tour for groups with a particular interest. India travel deals can be found for both options, whether your interest is seeing major cities such as Mumbai or Kolkata, or the wildlife in the Himalayas and national parks. The Golden Triangle tour, for example, brings visitors to the three destinations of Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur. Getting Taj Mahal photos and touring the mausoleum are among the highlights of this trip, which serves as a great introduction to the variety of things to do and see in India. Travel deals to India are often easily arranged by experienced companies that can guarantee your reservation at quality accommodations and restaurants.

India Vacations

India Vacations

If you’re looking for India travel packages related to wildlife or eco tours, recent conservation efforts have made this type of trip even more worthwhile. Many people travel to India to see Bengal tigers, Indian elephants, camels, and Indian rhinos in their natural environment. The Himalayas are an excellent backdrop for bird-watching or other adventure activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing led by experienced guides. Transportation requires a lot of research and planning, and taking advantage of India vacation packages may be less work and may help your trip be more affordable.

It is important to know what time of year to look for India travel deals. The peak-season winter months of November through March will see the highest prices and the least availability of deals. The shoulder season, just before or after the peak, is a time where travelers will see travel deals to India, such as in September and October or March and April. During these periods, hotels have more availability to provide good deals to travel tour companies, and this decrease in price will be passed on to the customer. As an added bonus, this time of year often has some of the most pleasant weather in India.

India vacation packages often include transportation, in the form of domestic flights, train rides, or a private coach. No vacation in India would be complete without a train ride on the efficient and varied rail system. With nearly 40,000 miles of rails in the country, the options are endless for places to visit. Keep in mind that if you don't want to travel in the crowded unreserved cabins you should buy your tickets well in advance; a train ride can quickly be soured by a lack of reservations. To ensure your comfort, choose a car with air-conditioning and book it in advance. Other options for transportation when you visit India are buses, affordable domestic flights, or to join one of the tours that takes care of the transportation arrangements. One of the bonuses of signing up with a tour company is the hassle they remove from making your own transportation arrangements. If you do choose to make your own arrangements, there are many India travel deals available on a variety of airlines. Most flights from the United States will arrive in Mumbai or Delhi, and from either city it is easy to continue on to your chosen destination. Especially if you are departing from a major American airport hub (such as New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Miami, or Los Angeles) it shouldn’t be a problem to find an affordable flight on the internet.

Visitors should beware of travel deals to India with too high or too low of a price. The cost of accommodation and food is significantly cheaper than in Europe or other parts of the world, and the price of the tour should reflect this. But do keep in mind that a vacation package with a suspiciously cheap price may reflect accommodation options that are of lesser standards than those that foreigners may be accustomed to. Always remember to inquire with a hotel whether they offer amenities such as air-conditioning, and be sure to research luxury options as many of these hotels can be surprisingly affordable if they offer a vacation package to India with a stay of three or more days. From the white-sand beaches in Goa to the Himalayas, the options for vacations to India are endless, and the most difficult part of your trip might be choosing how to spend your limited amount of time in the country.



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