India Wildlife Tours

India wildlife tours are one of the most popular options for guided tours in the country. Conservation efforts in recent years have increased the numbers among rare species of animals, making a wildlife tour in India all the more fun. The opportunity to see a wild Indian elephant, odd-looking camels, and a variety of birds in their natural habitat is one that for years has been drawing travelers to the Himalayas, national parks such as Kaziranga and Kanha, and beyond. With the expansion of wildlife sanctuaries in India, more types of these trips are available. For the especially adventurous, jeep tours take small groups into the depths of the wild. For those seeking a calmer environment, tours can also bring travelers close enough to the action without the adrenaline-inducing proximity that a jeep provides.

Project Tiger is a well-known conservation initiative that has increased the emphasis on eco tours in recent years. Responsible for the expansion of the number of tigers living in the wild, India has recovered from their days of hunting these exotic animals. A safari in India is unpredictably exciting, as not even the expert guides can tell what might be seen during an excursion. While some animals may predictable have eating and drinking habits, or prefer certain sunny or shady areas, there are always surprises during India wildlife tours. Bird-watching excursions are another popular wildlife tour in India, bringing bird enthusiasts up close to rare varieties. The expansion of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India has ensured that India's native wildlife will be able to be enjoyed by generations to come.


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