Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 separate islands, and as a result, Indonesia culture stretches through an archipelago of varied landscapes, from the skyscrapers of Singapore to the volcanic beaches of Bali. From the southern tip of Thailand to the western shores of Australia, Indonesia is the last outpost of South East Asia.

While only around 6,000 of Indonesia islands are inhabited, the region constitutes the 4th largest population in the world. Boasting an array of religions stretching from Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim faiths, Indonesia culture is both diverse and distinct. A host of ancient shrines and monuments dot the islands, including the magnificent Borobudur temple complex on Java.

A getaway from the pressures of the western world to a tropical paradise, Indonesia greets visitors with lush jungle canopy, virgin beaches and crystal clear water. Indonesia tourism activities like diving and snorkeling are particularly enjoyable among the teeming coral reefs. While the shores of the Indian Ocean see century old fishing communities, the water also brings surfing enthusiasts from all over the globe to world renowned breaks around Bali and lesser known Lombok.

From the tropical jungles of Borneo where Orang-utan sanctuaries preserve these special animals and other rare endangered species, you'll find an emphasis on nature and eco-tourism. Jungle discovery treks and trails encourage many to partake in an eco-friendly Indonesia tour.

An Indonesia tour of the diverse flora and fauna and native jungle animals in one of the spectacular National Parks like those of Ujung Kulon in Java, Gunung Leuser in Sumatra and Gunung Rinjani in Lombok offer an exceptional voyage of discovery.

Providing the two main international gateways to Indonesia travel are Denpasar in Bali and Jakarta in Java. Various internal routes by air and sea connect the Indonesia islands and Malaysia. A wider organized Indonesia tour can easily take in one or two islands within a 2 week vacation.

While Indonesia travel has been popular among countless generations of backpackers and explorers, Indonesia tourism has also branched out with opulent 5 star resorts and honeymoon getaways. Whether on a budget or seeking luxury, Indonesia travel overloads your senses with a myriad of landscapes and dramatic vistas through a strong and vibrant Indonesia culture of Asian spices, laid back lifestyles and religious symbolism.

With such a strong multiplicity of ethnic groups Indonesia is awash with cultural events and religious fiesta's throughout the year from Larantuks's Easter parade, Bali's Galungan festival and the Balinese New Year (March-April). While the festivals provide colorful and vibrant displays of Indonesia culture, the latter New Year celebrations on Bali are worth avoiding. Pretty much everything shuts down and unless you plan on doing nothing, you're going to find yourself with no alternative. Certainly November-February proves the best time for Indonesia travel.

Boasting swaying palm trees, awesome beaches and spiritual locals, not to mention the Borneo rainforest, Indonesia tourism has just about every angle you would want covered for a South East Asian vacation.

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