Lombok Indonesia

Located just east of Bali and part of the volcanic Lesser Sunda Islands is the serene beauty of Lombok Island. Less developed than its neighboring islands, Lombok Indonesia boasts even better beaches and represents a low key tourism destination for real peace and quiet.

With a bigger volcano and greater diversity of landscapes than its neighbors, Lombok Island is both intriguing and inviting. The volcanic presence on Lombok reflects a string of volcanic islands part of the Malay Archipelago, known as the Lesser Sunda Islands. The Lesser Sunda Islands also consist of Bali and Timor stretching toward western Australia.

Accessible by sea and air a Lombok beach is a prime destination for those looking for white sandy beaches away from the crowds. Lombok Indonesia offers a perfect getaway for honeymoons, family holidays or individual travelers wanting total relaxation.

For things to do in Lombok, the Gunung Rinjani National Park surrounds the second highest volcanic peak in Indonesia. Topping the dramatic landscape is Mount Rinjani. Treks to summit the 3,726 m peak proves a popular challenge. Mountain treks to the summit go via a spectacular crater lake. The trek starts through the mountain lowlands where vanilla, tobacco, coffee, cinnamon and cotton crops are grown. At the foot of Rinjani Mountain is the Sendang Gile water fall.

Lombok Island boats some excellent diving and snorkeling including activities like fishing and kayaking. Lombok itself has several thriving local fishing communities.

Located just off the northwest Lombok Indonesia coast line, are the tiny Gili islands. The islands are rapidly growing in popularity among day trippers from Lombok and Bali as a tropical paradise. Accessible by local boat, each of the islands boast superb white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and abundant coral reef resulting in some first class diving and snorkeling. Although accommodation exists on the islands, there is no motor transport. Experiencing the lazy rustic charms is definitely one for the things to do in Lombok list. Local boat tours offer full day tours of all three islands.

Another one for the things to do in Lombok list is a half day visit to the royal floating palace at Mayura. Situated in western Lombok, the palace was once head of the Balinese Kingdom. One of the holiest places in Lombok is the Wektu temple. The temple combines Hindu and local Wektu Telu religions. There is a small enclosed pond where in the depths of the water lurk eels. These eels however, are sacred to the temple. Tourists can enter the temple complex and discover the unique Wetu Telu religion, native to the island.

To sample further Indonesian culture, Kota Raja in rural eastern Lombok is a great place to shop for local handicrafts, woven baskets and bamboo carvings.

Top of your things to do in Lombok list has got to be to relax. And the best place to do that is on a Lombok beach. Undoubtedly the best known place on Lombok Island is Kuta beach. The magnificent stretch of virgin white sand is surrounded by stunning blue sea and rugged hills. While this Lombok beach is the center of attention, for surfing enthusiasts, the famous waves here steal the show. Lombok's high waves and less glamorous beach side culture bring small numbers of keen tourists and surfers from all over the world to experience and island similar to how Bali once used to be before tourist development took hold.

Lombok provides the perfect escape. Combining Lombok beach, excellent snorkeling and diving, and complete relaxation it is not hard to imagine why Lombok Island is perhaps the best kept secret in Indonesia.

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