Flights to Japan

Increased airline competition almost always means that flights to Japan are cheap and readily available. Today, nearly all major airlines and airports have daily flights to Tokyo. Additionally, Japan"s two largest airlines—Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA)—offer wide international service and attractive package deals and cheap flights to Japan.

Often times the best way to find cheap flights to Asia is to visit the overseas travel agent offices directly. By sitting down with or calling a travel agent directly, you can often save up considerably and wind up with cheaper airfare to Japan. Another option for cheap flights to Asia is to contact a Japanese air carrier directly—either in person, by phone or via email. It is also important to remember that, when planning a short sightseeing trip, flights to Japan are cheaper when included with a package tour. Even if you don't want to participate in the sightseeing portion of the package tour, the airfare to Japan combined with discount hotel accommodations, are hard to refuse.

Like flying to any destination, the cheapest flights to Japan are available by flying outside the peak seasons of Christmas, New Year, and Golden Week (the last week of April and the first week of May), and the summer vacation period of July and August. And again, if your city has a sizable Asian population there is a good chance that a number of local Japanese travel agencies offer flights to Asia at discount rates. Another thing to keep in mind when searching for cheap flights to Japan, is whether or not you plan on flying domestically once inside the country. If you plan to fly between the major Japanese cities for business or pleasure, some Japanese air carriers offer cheap flights to Tokyo if you use the same airline to fly within the Japan.

The best of these domestic air passes are offered by Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airlines (ANA). JAL's Yokoso (Welcome) Japan Airpass allows foreign nationals to fly between 42 Japanese destinations for about 11,100 Yen per sector. Like the Japan Rail Pass, travelers must live outside Japan and purchase the Airpass prior to visiting Japan. ANA offers a similar air pass that allows travelers to fly between 73 domestic Japanese destinations for about 12,600 Yen per destination. Similar restrictions apply to the ANA air pass.

Though Tokyo's Narita Airport is the country's major hub, you may be able to find cheaper airfare to Japan if you are willing to book a flight to Osaka or Nagoya instead of limiting your search to flights to Tokyo.

So keep your eyes peeled for online discounts and advertised specials, but don"t be afraid to visit travel agencies directly or sign on for a package tour just to get the discount airfare and the budget hotel accommodations.



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