Japan Airports

Japan airports number more than 25, ensuring there are many options for flights into and out of this globally traveled tourist destination and business center. Japanese international airports welcome almost 7 million visitors each year from around the world, and this number is continuously on the rise. With a strong commercial and political scene, business travel is extremely popular, and there are many airports in Tokyo and all over the country regularly accommodating these specific travelers.

The foremost of all Japan airports is Narita International. It is not only the most important of all Japanese international airports, it also sees the most traffic of any facility. There are more than 50 major airlines flying into Narita Airport annually. By country, the highest number of visitors include Korea, Taiwan, and China, followed by Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore. A huge number of Americans, Canadians, and Australians also take annual vacations to Japan, with the majority using one of the airports in Tokyo.

Domestic airports in Tokyo include only Haneda, receiving flights from just six major Asian airlines. From both Haneda and Narita airports, public transportation is readily available, there is dining on site, and there are a host of convenient services such as money exchange, baggage storage, and hotels. Getting to any Tokyo hotels can be done by the convenient Japanese subways that can be found directly in these airports, by Keisei Skyliner, and even by bus.

Anyone seeking out airports in Osaka will find one international and one domestic option. In 1939, Itami Airport was open in Osaka, and called Osaka International Airport. When Kansai International was complete, it took over all international flights and some domestic. Today, Itami services domestic flights to more than 25 destinations across Japan. It is served by one major and two subsidiary airlines. Itami is most used by Japanese traveling for business purposes, as well as tourists flying to different tourist hubs during vacations.

Kansai International is another of the top Japan airports. It actually services more airlines than Narita, but is still not as busy. Of both Japanese international airports, Kansai offers less of a shock than Narita's frenetic scene. They are both located on the southeast coast, about three and half hours apart, but the better deals for flights to Japan are most often to Narita. If you're planning a conventional trip to Japan, count on flying in to Tokyo and beginning there. Book at least your first night in one of the cheap, mid-range, or luxury hotels, so your first day is off to a great start and you ensure you have a place to sleep.

Japanese international airports charge airport taxes and transfers fees. Though often some airport taxes are built into the cost of an airplane ticket, there are still fees to pay, generally upon departure. Anyone on an international flight to Tokyo's Narita Airport will have to pay a departure tax slightly over 2,000 Yen. At Kansai Airport in Osaka the departure taxes are a bit more, bordering on 3,000 Yen. The tourist hub at Fukuoka Airport, a popular arrival point for cruises, is the least at under 1, 000 Yen. These are the only three international airports that charge taxes. If there are other taxes involved, they are generally built into the ticket price. Anyone flying into or out of a Japanese domestic airport will find relief in not paying taxes. On top of the airport tax at the three international locations, be prepared to pay for transportation to your hotel via Skyliner service, limousines or taxis, or an express train.

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