Japan Cruises

Japan cruises are available in a wider variety than many tourists know. Almost any Japan cruise line has several appealing options, offering distinctive trips aboard mid-range and luxury liners. Japanese cruises range so much in cost, span, and port of calls that everyone can find a suitable option, either to pair along with Japanese vacations on the mainland, or to take as an individual adventure. From one romantic night to weeks sailing through Asia, the choices are abundant.

The options in Japan cruises include duration, port stops, dining choices, and more. Visitors can also choose to cruise inland waters or ocean waters. The well-known Royal Caribbean Cruise Japan is a top choice among tourists who set their sights on the ocean. The country’s ferry services are also a popular way to navigate the entire Japanese archipelago or to explore specific areas.

The Nippon Yusen Kaisha is just one of several Japan cruise lines offering trips throughout Japanese rivers and inland water. River cruises from Tokyo are one of the top things to do for anyone who wants a view of the scenery from the water. The River Sumida flows directly through Tokyo, branching through a network of waterways and seven city districts before spilling into Tokyo Bay. A river cruise aboard a local Japan cruise line can be a great way to sightsee, and a nice change from traversing the busy cityscape. Hanami, or Cherry Blossom season, is one of the best times for river cruises, but be sure to book well in advance or you will likely miss out.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Japan is a trusted name among tourists. This cruise line offers premium excursions with many benefits. One of the major ports the cruise enters is at Fukuoka, southeast of Hiroshima. Though relatively unknown among many outside of Japan, Fukuoka offers an incredible number of things to do in the form of sightseeing, entertainment, nightlife, history, and more. It is a vibrant, contemporary city, and like many Japanese cities, has a fascinating blend of old and new.

When booking a Royal Caribbean Cruise Japan, explore options in regional destinations that might be available to pair with Japan. Combination cruises to Japan/Singapore/China/South Korea are popular. A China/Japan combination is another popular option for discovering more of the region. Cruises often begin in Tokyo with stops en-route in Hiroshima, Osaka, Hakata, Beijing, and Shanghai. Cruises can range from a simple 5 nights to 14 nights, 24 nights, and more. Month-long cruises are another option stopping in Japan among several other countries.

If the variety of international cruises isn’t appealing, stick to manageable domestic Japan cruises. From giant, floating restaurants to river and island cruises, there are many attractive alternatives. Ferry cruises in Japan offer considerable travel between the islands of Japan using the effectual and economic ferry system. The Japanese ferry system provides international ferries, interisland cruises, and chartered sightseeing lines. Exploring Japan by sea or even river offers a slew of added benefits and offers a unique take on geography, attractions, and culture aboard the ship.



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