Osaka Hotels

Osaka hotels are an ideal base from which to explore Japan's third largest city, second only to Tokyo in commercial, cultural, and political importance. The large selection of cheap hotels in Osaka make the city an even more inviting place to examine the colorful burst of energy that is the urban Japanese lifestyle. Two and half million people live, work, and play in Osaka, a heavy economic force driving much of the commerce in the region. An amazing array of attractions delights tourists and draw them in for a further look at this vibrant Japanese city.

Osaka hotels such as Rihga Nakanoshima Inn are appealing not only for their central location on Nakanoshima Island, but also for many conveniences and low rates, which are affordable given the location. A preferred choice among business travelers, Rihga Nakanoshima Inn offers a reposed atmosphere and an entire package bordering both luxury and upscale. Nakanoshima Island cuts the two key Osaka neighborhoods of Minami and Kita in half, offering superior access to the most important sights and sounds. Osaka accommodations at the Rihga Nakanoshima Inn include a pants press (excellent for business travelers), both Japanese- and Western-style breakfasts, and multilingual staff.

Cheap hotels in Osaka draw in a large backpacking and budget-minded crowd, but affordable rates also draw regular travelers trying to get a break from Japan's high costs across the board. The Ramada Osaka (pictured), or Toya Hotel as its also called, offers just what some travelers might need—a familiar backdrop with an interesting Japanese twist. Osaka Umeda is only ten minutes by foot and the shinkansen, or bullet train, is only five minutes away. Osaka accommodations at the Ramada are modern and comfortable and include access to cheap parking, acupuncture and massage, and reservations for tours and dining.

Hotel Sun Route Umeda is a good a cheap alternative to higher priced hotels. This budget facility offers a great location close to many attractions and amenities. It also provides the triple bonus of quick access to Shin-Osaka Station, Hankyu Omeda Station, and JR Osaka Station. Most all cheap hotels in Osaka offer rooms that are often not much bigger than a large closet. Hotel Sun Route Umeda is on par here, with Osaka accommodations that are well maintained yet fairly small. Still, cheap, clean, and comfortable beat out most other options. For some people, that's no problem at all, especially when the low hotel rates leave resources for other pursuits like enjoying onsens, heading out for some golf, or just doing some added traveling.

Lodging in Osaka has long on par with Western standards and even the most apprehensive travelers will find an ideal place to settle down, get some rest, and get their bearings in a city that can often be confusing at best. Transportation from most Osaka hotels is easy once you get the hang of it, an incredible variety of food is available, and the pace, though fast, has an easily achievable rhythm to it. From cheap hotels in Osaka to incredible luxury hotels, there is a wide range of accommodation available that is easily as diverse as the city itself.



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