Japanese Resorts

Japanese resorts have taken off in more recent years, often adopting Western ideas to accommodate Western tourists after years of iffy results from foreign travelers. Many resorts in Japan have chosen to accommodate Western guests in a Western-style backdrop, but the majority are finally creating a signature style, and an experience tourists really want—genuine Japan. This signature style is a true gem, and one of the most unique given Japan's rare cultural aspects and dedication to hosting. The hospitality received in Japanese resorts is like no where else in the world. The Japanese seem to know the exact amount of each element to add to the mix, creating a backdrop of visual beauty, well-focused affability, and perfect access to scores of both general and specific needs.

The indoor beach resort Japan designers created have drawn visitors from all over the world. The beach borders a huge reservoir of water and is incorporated into a design much like other traditional beach resorts. Seagaia Ocean Dome is the largest of its kind in the world. It is four hours from Tokyo in Miyazaki, Japan. Inside, it never rains, there is no air pollution, and the surf's always up. At the indoor beach resort, Japanese engineers have also perfectly integrated a fire-spewing volcano erupting on the hour, a white sand beach, and controlled humidity, wind, and temperature, all under the world's largest retractable roof.

At this Japan indoor beach resort, visitors might like the perfectly monitored environment, but others could find it a bit over the top. The Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa offers the real thing for just such an instance—an oceanside retreat with a host of amenities and facilities. There is a restaurant and banquet hall onsite. There is an outdoor onsen as well as an indoor swimming pool. Things to do include fishing, tennis, cycling, and enjoying evening entertainment. Kariyushi is one of the few resorts in Japan offering such extensive indoor and outdoor baths combined with large saunas and Jacuzzis. Guest suites are spacious, Western-style rooms with twin beds, marble baths, and private balconies overlooking the ocean. At adjacent Kariyushi beach there is sailing, cruises, diving, snorkeling, and glass bottom boat tours.

Gora Kadan Hakone is one of the best Japanese resorts available. It blends the modern with the ancient among a thick of a cherry and pine tree forest at the base of wondrous Mount Fuji. This former 1920s vacation retreat is a traditional onsen ryokan resort bordering on incredible. Incredibly gracious surroundings brim with natural elements of water, wood, and stone. Forty-four guest rooms are saturated in everything Japanese, from tatami mats to hand-made embellishments and art work. When not busy enjoying the offerings there are many things to do. Golf, hiking, fishing, and sightseeing are all nearby. There is an indoor pool, an air-conditioned restaurant, and an onsite spa. Anyone looking for a Japan ski resort nearby can easily access Hakone Picnic Garden Snowboard & Ski Park.

There are still many Western touches found throughout the indoor beach resort in Japan, and other resorts across the country. Most guests appreciate the small comforts of home, but a large majority want an authentic experience exemplifying what it really means to be a part of the Japanese culture. Many resorts in Japan exhibit the authentic ryokan tradition, blending it with first-class services for a winning combination in unique Japanese accommodation.



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