Suggested Itineraries Tokyo

As the largest city in Japan as well as the capital, Tokyo is unlike any other city in the world. With more buildings and people packed into a small space then nearly any other capital city on the planet, Tokyo can seem overwhelming to a tourist. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive list of things to do, information about when to go, or some simple ideas for planning a trip to Tokyo, glancing at a Tokyo itinerary before you go can be a great help in organizing your time.

Suggested Itineraries Tokyo:

1-3 Days

If you only have a day or two to tour Tokyo, most suggested itineraries Tokyo will direct you toward the Tsukiji Fish Market. Tsukiji is the largest fish market in Japan and serves some of the freshest sushi in the world made by the experts. The market is an excellent spot to take in Japanese culture and having a unique shopping experience.

Another of the best suggested itineraries Tokyo for travelers with only a few days to spend in the city is taking a tour of one of the city's many museums. The Tokyo National Museum, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, and the Ota Memorial Museum of Art are all great choices and located in major areas of the city with convenient access to public transportation.

4-7 Days

Tokyo suggested itineraries for tourists with many days to spend in the city should certainly include a trip to the Tsukiji Fish Market and one or all of the museums listed above. With additional days, however, you'll have even more time to explore. If museums are your niche, try the Mori Art Museum at the top of Mori Tower. From the top of the tower you'll be afforded incredible views of the city below and have a chance to visit the tourist shop at the top for a souvenir.

A Tokyo itineraries of 4-7 days should also include a trip to a spa. Whether you chose to soak in some of the city's world-famous Japanese hot springs, or visit a high-end hotel spa, Tokyo is known for exquisite relaxation opportunities. At least one evening in Tokyo should include a night out on the town, with trips to a classy high-rise bar or downtown establishment.

7+ Days

With a week or more to spend on your Tokyo itineraries, you'll have time to get to know Tokyo a bit more. Be sure to spend time touring the museums, markets, and sites listed above. In addition, your 7 day trip to Tokyo Japan can include even more incredible sites.

Spend a day or more trekking to Mt. Fuji. You may even choose to hike portions of Mt. Fuji on your 7-day trip to Tokyo Japan, or you may simply take pictures. Either way, the mountain is worth visiting on your trip to Tokyo. Your 7-day trip to Tokyo Japan might also include side trips to near by cities such as Hakone, Saitama, or Yamanashi. If you would rather stay in the city, public transportation is excellent and you'll be able to travel to districts such as Omotesando for great shopping or check out Shiodome, a vibrant new district near the bay.

So whether you have just a day between flights or multiple days to spend in Tokyo, the city is always alive with activity and ready to welcome tourists. Spend time touring museums, shopping, or exploring the city's rich history. Stay in world-class Japanese hotel or experience the beauty of Mt. Fuji. However you plan to spend your time, Tokyo is a destination unlike any other in the world.

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