Tokyo Airport Shuttles

Tokyo airport shuttles are offered in many options so it's possible to find a suitable solution for each and every situation. There are several types of trains accessible, a ton of buses, limousine buses, taxis, and even limousines—a gauging yet luxurious ways to travel. Tokyo airport transportation is paramount in getting travelers to, from and between both Narita International and Haneda Airport. From the Haneda Airport train to Narita’s skyliner, transportation is modern, fast, and affordable within a city that can empty your pockets in record time.

Haneda Airport Transportation

From Haneda, Tokyo airport shuttles include the Tokyo Monorail, an above-ground rail network built in 1968 to link Haneda to Minato, Tokyo via Hamamatsucho Station. Tickets costs are minimal compared to some other Tokyo airport transportation options. The trip is just fifteen minutes and passengers enjoy the option of connecting to numerous points in the city via the Yamanote Line.

The Haneda Airport train, also called Keikyu, is another possibility for transportation into Tokyo, but can be a cumbersome choice if heavy luggage is taken along during peak travel times. Dense crowds make it difficult to navigate your way, and even simply to stand on board. However, light travelers should consider the train which connects to Yokohama Station in a half hour, to Shinagawa Station in fifteen minutes, and finally to the Toei Asakusa Line, with numerous stops throughout eastern Tokyo along the way. The Haneda Airport train also offers connections at Keisei Main Line and Keisei Oshiage Line, making a Narita connection a possibility though it’s a two-hour trip and 1,500-plus Yen.

Haneda-Tokyo airport shuttles are also possible via buses. Regular service to several destinations within the Kanto district via strictly scheduled travel times are also available. The only downside to bus trips is the possibility of getting tied up in the city’s often tedious traffic jams. In spite of that, the buses conveniently ship passengers off to Shinjuku, Yokohama, Chiba, Ikebukuro, and Narita International among a few others.

Narita International–Tokyo Airport Transportation

NEX, or the JR Narita Express is the quickest option for those heading into Tokyo, taking about an hour each way, and departing every half hour and hour. Seats must be reserved ahead of time. Upon choosing NEX to travel, consider purchasing the combination NEX/Suica package which includes train fare from the airport to the city along with a train card to be used for city train fares.

Yet another alternative in Tokyo airport shuttles is the Rapid Service, which ironically is anything but rapid. Also called the JR Sobu Line, this cheaper option takes about an hour and half from Narita to central Tokyo and departs roughly each hour.

Keisei is the name of Tokyo’s skyliner, of which there are two functioning trains: Keisei Skyliner and Keisei Limited Express. The first is reserved seating only and arrives in Tokyo’s core in an hour, with departures every 45 minutes. The second takes fifteen minutes longer, departs every 25 minutes, and is the least expensive way to get to central Tokyo. It is a regular commuter vehicle with many stops on route and crowded cars during rush hour.

Traveling by limousine bus can be a comfortable way to travel, albeit the buses run at a slower pace. The cost, equal to taking the Narita Express, is the second most expensive way to travel into Tokyo. Those on a limited budget are better off taking the JR Sobu Line, which offers an almost exact arrival time. Buses do offer convenient connections within Tokyo and to numerous well-known hotels.

The last option, taxis, come with a high-priced cost, roughly seven times more than the NEX service and bus services. It’s the 40 miles between Narita Airport and central Tokyo that accounts for this big-ticket Tokyo airport transportation option. Avoid it if you can and opt for one of the other convenient, and affordable shuttle choices and use travel funds for shopping, nightlife and other things to do in Tokyo.



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