Tokyo Airports

Tokyo airports might seem intimidating to the first-time visitor, but they are actually quite easy to navigate and so well equipped that all traveler’s needs are accommodated. Together, Haneda Airport and Narita International succinctly fill the needs of both domestic and foreign travelers. Almost ten airlines account for all domestic travel from Haneda Airport, with ANA Group and JAL dominating the market. Narita International Airport is serviced by many airlines, some of which have been around for decades while others are much newer. It is worth noting that anyone commuting to the Izu islands does so out of Chofu City via Chofu Airport.

Tokyo International Airport is the official name for Haneda, even though it services domestic flights for the majority. At one time, it was the only area airport handling all flights, a fact that has changed since Narita was built more than three decades ago. Though it might seem as though Haneda Airport is the least busy of the pair, in actuality Haneda is the most utilized of all airports throughout Asia, servicing more than 60 million passengers each year.

Haneda is always expanding, adding additional indoor facilities as well as outdoor add-ons such as a third runway. With these upgrades, professionals expect Haneda will be hosting more than 89 million annual passengers. Currently Haneda Airport offers international flights to Seoul, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Airport shuttles from Haneda Airport into Tokyo are available via Tokyo Monorail, Shinkansen or bullet trains, and buses into Kanto, Yokohama, Shinjuku, and Chiba districts, as well as to Tokyo Station and Narita International Airport.

Another of the main Tokyo airports is Narita, which is large, can be hectic, and also sees millions of annual passengers arriving and departing. As a foreign traveler, Narita International Airport is most likely where you’ll land and debark during Tokyo vacations. A great way to transfer to Haneda from Narita is by shuttle buses, called Airport limousines, which are similar in cost to the train. The upside of taking the bus directly into the city—a service it also offers—is visitors will be dropped off at precisely at their hotels.

Narita International Airport is roughly 65 kilometers outside of Tokyo city which can translate into a two-plus hour trip if traffic is heavy. Nonetheless, there are plenty of dining, shopping, and shuttle options available, as well as banking machines, currency booths, and many more amenities that make waiting periods much easier to handle. Shopping is one of the top things to do for passengers trying to bide the time. Men’s and women’s apparel, electronics, books and magazines, cosmetics, handicrafts, and other traditional souvenirs are all accessible. In fact, both Tokyo airports are extremely well equipped with services, with Haneda offering many great options but on a smaller scale.

Anyone interested in exploring Narita city can easily access Narita day tours and trips directly from the airport. Narita airport deals are known to be some of the best in the country. Vacation packages like hotel and airport transfer combos come very cheap at Narita. Tours include a look around nearby Chiba City and its highlights such as shrines and temples, museums, and Sawara, Chiba’s Old Town. But, if whisking off to central Tokyo tops your agenda, head to your transportation station of choice and embark on a wild and wonderful Japanese adventure, beginning in the country’s most exciting city.

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