Akihabara Hotels

Akihabara hotels are located in the middle of Tokyo's neon lights and all the excitement. This district, nicknamed Electric Town, is at the center of the city's digital and anime world. Many people plan to visit and do some shopping, drawn by the promise of name-brand electronics, often the newest of the new. Several of the shops sell special overseas models, guaranteed to work in other countries out of Japan, and duty-free purchases can be available once you spend a certain amount.

After a full day of shopping for the hottest digital cameras and other electronics often months from arriving in the United States, it's nice to have a place to relax and unwind. A range of Akihabara accommodations can suit visitors with any size budget.

If you're traveling light or want to save more money for your new gadgets, you'll want to look for cheap hotels in Akihabara. When you're only planning to stay for a short time, it usually is no problem to go for the budget accommodations. In this part of Tokyo, and the city as a whole, it often does not any cheaper than the capsule hotels. The Okachimachi Station Hotel & Capsule offers a distinctly Japanese style of lodging is popular with businessmen and students who need a place to get some rest. The Okachimachi's accommodations are for men only, with discounts for students, while ladies are welcome to make reservations for the more traditional guestrooms. Internet access is available on all floors of the eleven-story tower, which is an eight-minute walk from Akihabara Station.

The capsule hotels in Akihabara, including the Capsule Inn, give you a place to sleep, shower, and relax in the lobby, all at a rock-bottom price. Of course, a typical capsule is only a few feet wide (about the width of a twin bed). Made out of plastic, these capsules at the Capsule Inn are equipped with a TV, lights, and climate controls, as well as a curtain for privacy. At the Capsule Inn and other capsule-style Akihabara hotels, you'll find a communal bath and a lobby with chairs, coffee, and newspapers. Besides the cost savings, you also get flexibility. Reservations aren't usually required at these types of Akihabara accommodations, and you can leave during the night, if you want to enjoy the nightlife before getting a little shut eye.

While looking for cheap hotels in Akihabara, you'll also find a range of Western-style accommodations, offering more room to stretch out and in-suite bathrooms. The Dormy Inn Akihabara sells a variety of vacation packages and special rates that help keep down the cost. More than 100 rooms are located on nine floors, both singles and doubles. You'll also enjoy air-conditioned comfort, beautiful gardens in the lobby, and always available broadband access at this choice for cheap hotels in Akihabara. Without sacrificing comfort or paying a fortune, you'll have a nice place to anchor when you're visiting the Electric City.

The Akihabara Washington Hotel also offers a place to stay close to the exciting dining and shopping in this thriving Tokyo district. If you're looking for Akihabara accommodations with style, you'll find it here. The guestrooms are well appointed with modern furniture, writing desks, and climate-controlled comfort. The hotel is home to a Japanese restaurant, a coffee shop, and a German-style beer garden.

The Washington and the other Akihabara hotels are easy to get to from the subways and trains, which can easily take to places in and around the city. The luxury shops of the Ginza district are just minutes away, while both of the airports can be reached in about an hour. Your hotel staff will be more than happy to explain the best way to get to where you want to go.



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