Tokyo DisneySea is an attraction that is not to be overlooked when trying to find things to do in the Japanese capital. Opened in 2001, this theme park offers plenty for the visitor to enjoy, including fun rides, a Mediterranean Harbor area that features a re-creation of Venice, and an Arabian Coast area that is themed after the Disney film Aladdin. This is just the start, however, and when you consider everything else, it is little wonder that Tokyo DisneySea is one of the most highly-visited theme parks in the world.

Tokyo DisneySea is part of the larger Tokyo Disney Resort. Also part of this resort is Tokyo Disneyland. The sprawling resort can be found just outside of Tokyo in Urayasu, and this convenient location lends to its popularity. In 2010, Tokyo DisneySea alone welcomed nearly thirteen million visitors. These visitors had the chance to enjoy the park’s uniquely themed areas, or "ports of call" as they are known. An example of such an area is Mermaid Lagoon, which is based around The Little Mermaid. As for the Tokyo DisneySea rides, many of them cater to younger children. This is a Disney theme park, after all. That being said, thrill rides such as the Raging Spirits roller coaster see to it that older guests can have a more pulse-pounding adventure if they so desire.

One of the great things about Tokyo DisneySea is the fact that it is unique to Japan. There aren’t any other theme parks quite like it in the world. Also, the park’s installations are of considerable quality on the whole and easily justify the price of admission. Not to be left out are the various shows that are offered on a daily basis, and Tokyo DisneySea visitors can also look to enjoy the park’s numerous shops and restaurants.

Image: robertpaulyoung (flickr)
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