Tokyo Festivals

Tokyo festivals, events, and day-to-day activities available to tourists make this an active and dynamic city to visit. Tokyo has so much going on you’d literally have to stay years to explore it all and experience everything Tokyo offers. The breadth of things to do throughout the many city districts is simply incredible. From shopping to history to sports to epicurean delights and more, the many available activities in Tokyo Japan is somewhat astonishing to first-time visitors.

Tokyo is for all kinds of reasons: culture, history, cuisine, fashion, and attractions. There is no other comparable city in the world and a visit isn’t necessary to know this fact. Influences of Tokyo are found around the world. Many trends start from the city and slowly blanket the globe, much like the national dish sushi engulfed plenty of restaurants worldwide and still hangs on strongly. Tokyo festivals showcase highlights of the country, illustrate the distinct Japanese way of celebrating, and offer insight into a fascinating culture.

Ichigatsu, or the month of January, is a good starting point for investigating which Tokyo events happen when. This can be a great way to plan vacations for those with flexible schedules. There is something for everyone: family-based activities in Tokyo Japan, events geared to Tokyo’s incredible nightlife, and wonderful festivals to experience. January brings the Japanese New Year, which is named Shogatsu, and occurs between the January 1 and 3. Typically, the national holiday is spent with family and focuses on dining on special dishes (osechi ryori) such as black beans, prawns, teriyaki sardines, and pureed sweet potato and chestnuts. Each food represents auspiciousness for health, a long life, plentiful harvest, and happiness respectively.

January also brings Tokyo festivals and events like the Dondoyaki Ceremony in which New Year’s items are set afire, and the Grand Sumo Tournament which exemplifies the most popular of martial arts in the country. During February, there are more celebrations and activities in Tokyo Japan to experience. Bean-throwing ceremonies called setsubun are a sight to see, with thousands of people arriving at select temples and shrines to participate. The exciting Tokyo Marathon and the Plum Festival are also held in February.

The birth of Buddha is celebrated nationwide on April 8 each year. This is one of the most important Tokyo events. Buddha’s birthday is also called Hana Matsuri or the Flower Festival and is acknowledged by pouring tea on Buddha effigies, an important sign of an offering. Cherry Blossom viewing is another of the paramount activities in Tokyo Japan. The blooms open wide and everyone heads out to see them throughout the parks and green spaces in Tokyo and the outskirts.

The Kanda Festival in May is another of the top Tokyo festivals happening in the second-last weekend of May. Kanda is the highest esteemed and most commemorated occasion with traditional apparel and transportable shrines as stars of the events. Street parades are part of a festival called Sanno Matsuri (inaugurated by Japan’s Shogun in the Edo Period) in the middle of June. Other popular Tokyo events perfect for tourists include Sumida Hanabi Fireworks Festival in August, Tokyo International Anime Fair, the Tokyo International Film Festival, and Omisoka, or New Year’s Eve at the end of December.

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