View of Tokyo

A view of Tokyo is a truly remarkable sight, whether it’s Tokyo by night or a view on a cloudless day. This is a metropolis that is staggering in its size, sprawling over approximately 5,200 square miles, with a skyline that rivals any major city in the world, and some of the most innovative and ultra modern skyscrapers and architecture to be found anywhere. Additionally, the city has wonderful natural landscapes. It is set along several miles of beautiful Tokyo Bay, with sparkling blue waters decorated with sleek bridges. From the sea, it spreads west and south up into lovely hills and mountains. On a clear day, you can see iconic Mt. Fuji from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory and several other observatories, including the two observatory decks on the Tokyo Tower that was modeled on the Eiffel Tower in Paris and even from the Odaiba Ferris wheel.

The city is one of the world’s biggest users of neon and cutting edge lighting. The view of Tokyo by night is a dizzying sight. If you don’t like heights, you can enjoy this view on sunset and dinner cruises in Tokyo Bay. There are also several districts that are known for their vibrant nightlife, and you can get a great view of Tokyo by night wandering through the entertainment areas of these districts. Roppongi is one of these districts, and the view down Roppongi-Dori (Avenue) reveals not only the flashing neon of night clubs and skyscrapers, but also the lights of the Tokyo Tower.

The Sunshine City Building Observatory is in what was the tallest building, at more than 787 feet, when it was built in 1978. At this observatory, you can combine your breathtaking view with some history and culture because there is an aquarium, planetarium, and one of the city’s museums located here. This observatory is located in the Toshima Ward, about two miles north of Shibuya.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory is where you want to be if you want your view of Tokyo to cost you nothing. The Tokyo Tower, Mori Tower in Roppongi, and other skyscrapers will charge fees to ascend to their observation decks, but admission to the nearly 800-foot-tall Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory is free. There are actually two observatories on this structure (north and south). The building is located in the Shinjuku Ward, and is the center of the metropolitan government, often called Tokyo City Hall.

This city is a pioneer in urban multi-use architecture. Even if you got your view of Tokyo for free, you will be surrounded by attractions that will tempt you to spend money. Skyscrapers are filled with everything from condominiums and corporate offices to multi-story shopping malls and museums. Whether you are high in the air, on a giant Ferris wheel, a cruise ship, or on the streets of neighborhoods known for their nightlife, you will find restaurants and other dining spots, bars, night clubs, open air markets, shops, and chic boutiques.

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