Sony Building Tokyo

Sony Building Tokyo, was completed and opened in 1966, and serves as the corporate headquarters of the huge international electronics organization for which it is named. With a design inspired by the New York City Guggenheim Museum, the sleek postmodern Ginza Sony Building is located just south of the park where the Imperial Palace is located. To its west, is the Tokyo Tower and the Roppongi District, with its boisterous nightlife. To the south, is the Tsukiji Fish Market and Odaiba.

Sony Building shops include four floors of showrooms that provide a platform for the corporate giant’s newest electronic gadgets, from cameras and DVD players to personal computers and laptops. There is an entire room dedicated to the Play Station complete with giant screens, a fun musical staircase, and free movies on Saturdays. Admission to the Sony Building Tokyo is free, and these fun features will keep children on a family vacation occupied while you take a break from more serious shopping in the area’s many department stores and high fashion boutiques. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of Sony Building shops that will tempt you to part with your money.

Also in the building is a high-class, high-tech Internet café with high-speed Internet connection, state-of-the-art computer equipment, and great views of city. Other Sony Building shops include two Sony stores where you can purchase brand name items. Be careful, as some of the devices are only functional in Japan. If you intend to bring your purchase home to the United States or another country, use the Tax Free Shop that will require you to produce your passport. There is also a store that sells upscale Japanese household decorative items that are elegant souvenirs of your visit, a store with collectibles from around the world, a florist, a variety store, and a cake shop. When you’re tired of shopping and the kids have had enough PlayStation, there are several Sony Building restaurants available for your dining pleasure. You can choose Italian fare, tempura, a British pub, or dine in an elegant (expensive) French gourmet restaurant. There is a place where you can just get a snack or light meal, but not the cheap fast food kind of joint you find at other attractions.

The Ginza Sony Building even has a BMW showroom in the basement, in case you’re in the market for an expensive car or just enjoy looking. The Sony Building Tokyo is, in fact, a mirror of the district in which it is located. In one of the most expensive districts in this city that is one of the most expensive in the world. The shops and boutiques that surround the Ginza Sony Building boast some of the most iconic names in international fashion, including Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany. Unless you are specifically in the market for a Sony product, this is not a place for extensive tours or breathtaking views, but it is a great place to spend some time during a day of doing and seeing other things in the area.

Image: Kojihachisu (Flickr)
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