Tokyo Dome Hotels

Tokyo Dome hotels are located near one of the top entertainment centers in the entire city. Since the first dome stadium opened in 1988, this area has expanded well beyond a place to catch special events. Today, the dome dome is at the center of the action, where you'll have the chance to watch baseball and catch a concert. And that's just the events inside the dome. The surrounding neighborhood, aptly named Tokyo Dome City, features excellent shopping, spas, and restaurants. There's even an amusement park and the Baseball Hall of Fame here, too.

A wide variety of Tokyo Dome lodging is available, no matter what draws you here. After a big event, it's quite refreshing to be back at your room in just minutes rather than getting caught up with the crowd. Even if you just plan to wander around without any big plans, one of the Tokyo Dome hotels will provide a home base for exploring. The lobbies, lounges, and bars at these hotels are other options for experiencing the nightlife in this vibrant district.

One of the biggest hotels near Tokyo Dome City features more than 1,000 guestrooms, as well as several restaurants, lodges, and an outdoor swimming pool, open when the weather is warm. The complex, called the Tokyo Dome Hotel, features plenty of space for sophisticated shopping and banquets. At this hotel tower, the guestrooms begin on the 9th floor and continue up to floor 41. The assorted sizes of rooms and suites are all decorated with a palate of warm colors and modern lines, equipped with climate controls, big TVs with English-language channels, and complimentary high-speed Internet access. A writing desk by the window is an excellent vantage point for watching the city below.

The rooms with southern exposure at the Tokyo Dome Hotel overlook Mount Fuji and the Imperial Palace, while the northern face provides an expansive views of the Kanto Plains and Tokyo Dome City. You'll also find outstanding artwork created just for the hotel and coupons for the things to do in Tokyo Dome City. Some nonsmoking rooms can be reserved at this option for Tokyo Dome lodging, and a variety of packaged rates help you make the most of your time and money.

This lodging provider and the other Tokyo Dome hotels are located close to the vast network of transportation. Many subway stations are located within a few minutes on foot of the Tokyo Dome Hotel, while the two airports are within an easy distance, either by rail or car. The Haneda airport is a 40-minute trip, while Narita is a bit farther away from the hotels near Tokyo Dome City, but still easily accessible.

Another strategically located option for Tokyo Dome lodging, the Hotel Metropolitan Edmont (pictured), has more than 600 suites and rooms, ranging from cozy singles to expansive suites. All sizes of rooms feature comfortable amenities, including cozy linens, broadband Internet access, and air conditioning. The Edmont is part of the JR Hotel Group, a collection of business and luxury hotels throughout Tokyo and Japan as a whole. Most of its hotels are conveniently located next to the JR rail stations.

Another great option is the Homeikan. Whether you're visiting to enjoy the nightlife or planning a whole vacation in Tokyo Dome City, the staff of the Homeikan will provide you with welcoming hospitality. While many hotels near Tokyo Dome City features Western-style accommodations, the Homeikan offers traditional Japanese design. While you're admiring the carefully crafted details of the woodwork and architecture, you'll find a quiet place to relax before returning to the energy and excitement that is a hallmark of Tokyo Dome City.



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