Tokyo Hotels

In Japan hotels come in all shapes and sizes. From ultra-modern steel and glass palaces that occupy the top 20 stories of a 65-story skyscraper, to traditional family-run ryokan lodgings located on side alleys and back streets. If you are looking for Japan hotels that cater to your every whim, try the former; if, however, you are looking for an authentic Japanese experience, try the latter Tokyo hotels.

Starting at 4,500 yen per day per person the Tama Ryokan is one of the best options among many cheap Tokyo hotels. A three minute walk from the Yamanote line, the Tama is only steps away from the Tozai subway line. The area is home to a number of English language bookstores, and friendly pubs. The Tama Ryokan has three rooms, all of which are decorated with tatami mats, divided by shoji (paper sliding doors), with traditional futon beds to sleep on. The Tama Ryokan has an English-speaking staff, and is one of the best Tokyo hotels if you are looking for low-key, authentic lodgings.

At the opposite end from cheap Tokyo hotels such as the Tama Ryokan, you will find the Imperial Hotel Tokyo. The first Imperial was founded in 1890 and with its Irish linen, wood burning fireplaces and beef and pork menu options, offered a familiar refuge for foreigners traveling or working in the Far East. In 1923, this first Imperial Hotel Tokyo was replaced by a spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building. On the Hotel's opening day one of Japan's worst earthquakes rocked Tokyo. The Imperial survived the earthquake only to be bombed to pieces during WWII and subsequently rebuilt in 1970. Today, the third incarnation of the Imperial Hotel Tokyo comprises 1,057 rooms, includes 13 restaurants, and is among the best of the upper crust Japan hotels for business travelers.

Another high-end luxury palace is the Tokyo Prince Hotel. Of all the Tokyo hotels, the Tokyo Prince Hotel offers the most amenities at the lowest prices. And it's big. How Big? 3,680 rooms big. Like you could eat twice a day for a week without returning to the same restaurant big. Not only does the Tokyo Prince Hotel boast two cinemas (one of which is an IMAX) it also includes a 104-lane bowling alley, nine indoor tennis courts and 28 karaoke rooms. It is really more of a community than a hotel, and in terms of amenities to cost relation, one of the premier cheap Tokyo hotels to choose from.

Another great place to stay is the Park Hotel Tokyo. Situated on the 25th floor of the Shiodome, a flourishing new center of business and culture, the Park Hotel Tokyo offers a modern and comfortable interior design scheme, as well as spas, pools, and excellent restaurant options from traditional Japanese, to the tastiest western fare. If you are looking for a Zen-like contemporary hotel, try the Park Hotel Tokyo.

A great option if you are spending your week in Tokyo visiting the shops of the Roppongi Hills area, is the Roppongi Prince Hotel. This Roppongi Hotel is seven minutes from the Roppongi subway station, and only 10 minutes form the Ginza District. Another Roppongi Hotel is the Grand Hyatt Hotel—where Sofia Coppola's movie Lost in Translation was set.

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