Tokyo Skyline

The impressive Tokyo skyline has a dense landscape but an aesthetic appeal, with its colorful buildings in the downtown area. Within the city itself, there are dozens of skyscrapers, thirteen of which are more than 700 feet in height, and combined with the bridges, create a dramatic cityscape. The contemporary architecture, which is enhanced with an array of neon lights along with red lights atop each medium to tall structure, makes the Tokyo skyline at night aglow with color.

Tokyo is one of the most densely populated regions in the world, which puts real estate at a premium. The massive metropolitan area is divided into 23 wards that make up the greater Tokyo downtown area. The Chiyoda ward, considered the center of the city, is home to the Imperial Palace and its East Gardens, which are open to the public for tours. The gardens provide one of the best views of the Tokyo skyline, including of the Tokyo Tower.

The Tokyo Tower, erected in 1958, is fashioned after the Eiffel Tower in Paris. With two observation decks providing 360-degree views, the tower is one of the best places for viewing the Tokyo skyline at night. At the base of the tower, a four-story building houses a wax museum, aquarium, and the Tokyo Tower Trick Art Gallery. Although the tower is the tallest structure in Tokyo at 1,091 feet, the Midtown Tower, a multiuse skyscraper that is 814 feet high, is considered the tallest building.

For tourists interested in experiencing the Tokyo skyline at night amid thousands of others, the Roppongi section of the city is the place to be. Filled with a vibrant nightlife, the area offers a wide choice in nightclubs and international restaurants. Roppongi Hills is a large shopping and entertainment complex that includes apartments, offices, theaters, and restaurants, among other things, and is also home to the 54-story Mori Tower. Visitors to the 781-foot tower have multiple floors filled with restaurants, retail venues, Mori Art Museum, and glass atrium filled with TV screens.

Another location for viewing the Tokyo skyline at night is found at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in the Shinjuku district. The Metropolitan Building has free admittance and offers panoramic views of Tokyo. It is also possible, when weather permits, to observe Mt. Fuji from the observation deck. The mountain is itself an iconic part of the Tokyo skyline and well worth seeing during a vacation in Japan. Two additional skyscrapers offering impressive views are Park Tower and the KDDI Building.

Shinjuku is a bustling transportation district and a major hub for residents and travelers utilizing Shinjuku Station, the busiest rail station in the world. The station itself features retail centers and department stores. Within the district, you can also enjoy a stroll in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, which features traditional Japanese gardens along with formal English and French gardens.

The busy Shibuya area is known as a major shopping district, and the many lights within the neighborhood make it a great place to check out the Tokyo skyline at night. The streets are lined with interesting shops with the latest fashions, specialty boutiques, malls, and department stores. For entertainment, the Bunkamura Complex houses a theater, art museum, movie theaters, concert hall, retail shops, and assorted restaurants including one of Paris' own famous cafes, the Les Deux Magots. The district is also the location of Shibuya Station, one of the busiest train stations in Tokyo.

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