Tsukiji Cutting Fish NEW COPY

Tsukiji cutting fish is an art, honed over centuries in this culture that relies so heavily on the bounty of the sea for food. You may be lucky enough to watch the skilled workmen slicing huge (up to 500 pounds in weight) frozen tuna fish at Tsukiji Fish Market with a maguro bocho or oroshi hocho, unique specialty knives with a length of up to 60 inches. Or you can watch the equally skilled chef artists at one of the many sushi dining spots for which the fish market area is famous.

You can also get in some shopping at many small retail outlets around the fish market area. Many of these shops sell a variety of fish related items, including kitchen ware and the Tsukiji cutting fish knives that are among some of the finest in the world and available in a dizzying array of varieties. As a novelty, you can purchase a tako hiki (also called a fugu hiki), a knife use for nothing except the expert slicing of the highly poisonous fugu (puffer) fish. There are strict laws and regulations around the harvesting of this fish at Tsukiji Fish Market because of its nearly instantaneous toxicity. You do not want to eat fugu sashimi if has been sliced by an amateur, so don’t try preparing one at home. This is the only delicacy that the Emperor of Japan is forbidden by law to consume, because no one wants him to run the risk.

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