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Tokyo travel is optimal at many times of the year, and a personal best time is easily determined by favored activities and experiences. When to go to Tokyo can easily be decided with a simple plan. The best time to visit Tokyo could be in spring when hanami, or cherry blossom viewing season, hits its peak. Summer is a choice time for many tourists, with school holidays coinciding with the season. Tokyo seasons of autumn and winter bring many ideal things to do, such as attending harvest festivals, skiing, or simply heading indoors to city attractions.

There are two popular ways to plan a Tokyo vacation: head off when time lends itself most available, or plan a getaway during a specific season. No matter when you find yourself in Tokyo, there is always a host of easily accessible attractions, things to do, and special events to celebrate. The best time to visit Tokyo could be during the Cherry Blossom season between March and the month of May, or Golden Week at the end of April, and autumn, when the weather is pleasantly cool, skies are clear, and crowds have dissipated.

Though the majority of Japan’s tourism is ripe in summer, it is hot and muggy which is intensified by thousands of close-knit structures. In June there is ample rainfall yet downpours are brief and indoor attractions are plentiful. July and August are the hottest months and air conditioning is used sparingly in public buildings so heat-conscious travelers might avoid these months. If visiting in summer, head to Disneyland and hit water attractions, visit nearby hills and enjoy the cool mountain breezes, or swim at nearby beaches.

In deciding when to go to Tokyo, consider the autumn months. Autumn is regarded as one of the best times to visit, with ideal weather which is neither too hot nor too cold. Vibrant foliage around the city illustrates Momiji—or Foliage Season—is almost in full swing. Hotels offer cheaper rates in autumn and flights are much more affordable. Autumn is a great time to trek in the nearby mountains, with breathtaking scenery all around. Tokyo travel in autumn is also ideal for sightseeing around Tokyo, taking in some shopping, exploring Odaiba, and walking between the many shrines and temples.

Come winter, Tokyo becomes dry and cold and most tourists head off to warmer destinations. This means even cheaper expenses with a trade off of short days (the sun sets before dinner time). Skiing is also very popular which comes as a surprise to many foreigners. For skiers, deciding when to go to Tokyo is easy. There are several excellent ski resorts easily accessed from Tokyo, which means you can wake up and eat breakfast in the city, take all-day ski tours, and head back for dinner in the city. The shinkansen, or bullet trains, accommodate skiers with departures to nearby Niigata Prefecture, Joetsu Kokusai Ski Resort in Yuzawa, and many other ski areas beginning at 6 a.m.

Some say spring is the best time to visit Tokyo. This is debatable, of course, depending on preferred pursuits. Spring launches with stunning cherry and plum blossoms. In Tokyo, Japanese are intently watching blossom forecasts to choose the perfect time to lay claim to ideal flower-viewing spots, laying blankets and tarpaulins down with intense ownership. Temperatures are still cool, but a light jacket does the trick. Tokyo travel in spring is perfect for cultural festivals, cruises along the Sumida River, shopping in Ginza or Shinjuku, and exploring Roppongi. Spring highlights include the festivals and events of Golden Dragon Dance in Sensoji Temple, the Torchlight Festival, Tokyo International Anime Fair, and Hamura Flower an Water Festival.



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