Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel, Yokohama

Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel

3 4 Shin Yokihama Kohoku Ku

Shin Yokohama offers an international environment where modern city planning ensures the most up-to-date information functions. The Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel is an urban-style building with 42 floors above ground. The hotel is the core of the surrounding entertainment area. Sports facilities such as indoor tennis, bowling, and skating are available recreational enjoyment. Also nearby is the Yokohama Arena, the site of big events and concerts by top-name performers from Japan and overseas. The hotel's prime location promises guests access to all types of facilities for both the business and leisure traveler. There are 1002 guest rooms on the skyscraper floors. When the weather is clear, the top floors offer panoramic views of Mt. Fuji, the Boso Peninsula and the newly developed Shinjuku city center. In the cocktail lounge on the 42nd floor, guests can enjoy a drink while viewing the night scenery of Yokohama. There is a wide variety of cuisines available from the hotel's 8 restaurants. A shopping arena connected to the hotel offers guests a selection of international fashion, culture and beauty care.