Almaty Kazakhstan

Almaty Kazakhstan is a fascinating holiday destination in Central Asia. Located at the foot of the snow-clad Tian Shan mountain range, the former capital of Kazakhstan is a good place to enjoy hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities. The Chimbaluk Ski Resort offers thrilling snowboarding and skiing events, and it is open between November and April for sports enthusiasts. The ski resort also serves an excellent base for hiking to the Zaili Alatau mountain peaks, and as all equipment for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking is available to rent, it is easy to add impromptu adventures to your trip to the city. Ice skating is one of the most popular winter activities on Almaty travel itineraries. The Medeo ice skating stadium is an enjoyable destination for the whole family, which is located on the outskirts of Almaty Kazakhstan. A striking feature of the Medeo stadium is its large Olympic-sized ice rink, as well as its natural swimming pool.

The Tamgaly Petroglyphs are also an ideal place for excellent families on Almaty tours. Ancient rock engravings, burial mounds, and sacrificial alters attract both casual travelers and history buffs. Filled with natural attractions including the beautiful Anrakhai Mountains, Tamgaly is one of the best places for a family outing, and the petroglyphs date back to the Bronze Age. The Tamgaly region is located approximately 105 miles northwest of Almaty, in the Anrakhai Mountains. In 2004, The Tamgaly Petroglyph Site was recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site, and today it is one of the most popular additions to an Almaty travel itinerary.

There are also unique architectural sites within the city, and anyone interested in Central Asian history should be sure that their Almaty travel includes trips to the Arasan baths and the Zenkov Cathedral. The Arasan baths are at the city's central bathhouse, located opposite Panfilov Park, and it provides three types of baths: Turkish, Finnish, and Russian. The dome-shaped Arasan looks splendid when viewed from a distance, and travelers commonly visit the Arasan baths to enjoy the relaxing and exhilarating benefits of the Turkish bath, which includes a plunge pool and steam bath.

The Zenkov Cathedral is one of the best tourist sites in Almaty. This Russian Orthodox Church, which dates to the early twentieth century, was built entirely of wood and withstood the destructive earthquake in 1910. Located in Panfilov Park, the colorful cathedral is the best local example of a Tsarist-era building. It was completed in 1907 and was later transformed into a cultural museum after the Russian Revolution, but in the mid-1990s the cathedral was restored as a Russian Orthodox Church. Also known as the Ascension Cathedral, it is the second-tallest wooden building in the world.

If you're planning to stay for a while, Almaty has a nice selection of hotels providing comfortable facilities and amenities. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and scenic locales, the hotels in Almaty are excellent accommodation options for a nice vacation. The Hyatt Regency Almaty, for example, boasts wonderful scenic views of the mountains, due to its location between the plains and the Alatau Mountains. Travelers looking for a relaxing retreat should consider the Hyatt Regency Almaty, as it offers an indoor pool and a health club, in addition to its 200 comfortable rooms and suites. It is also one of best hotels in Almaty for families, as it is located near family-friendly attractions including the Chimbulak Ski Resort, the Medeo skating rink, and the Zenkov Cathedral.

Almaty also has a nice selection of affordable four- and three-star hotels, such as the beautiful Shera Hotel and the Hotel Kazzhol. A four-star option for accommodation in Almaty Kazakhstan, the Shera Hotel offers a unique style of modern luxury with a deft touch of classic architecture. The hotel is conveniently located near Furmanova Street, and it provides easy access to shopping centers in the city. Hotel Kazzhol is one of the best budget hotels in Almaty, providing comfortable rooms equipped with all modern amenities. Located just fifteen minutes from the Almaty International Airport, the Hotel Kazzhol is conveniently close to the business center of Almaty.

Almaty Kazakhstan


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