Mekong River Cruise Laos

A Mekong River cruise Laos will place you on one of the most scenic stretches of the mighty river, the Upper Mekong that is the stretch of river north of the capital city of Vientiane. You will navigate through dramatic gorges (some of which are suitable for white water rafting), past lush forested mountains, and the bamboo stilt houses of local Hmong fishing villages. There are numerous sandy beaches and traditional fishing boats and sampans dot the Mekong River. This Mekong cruise in Laos can be done on a "slow boat" ferry in two days. About 50 passengers sit on hard benches for the journey, and the boat docks at the little town of Pakbeng where you can find accommodation in small Mekong River hotels and guest houses.

There is also a longer (three or four days) luxury Mekong River cruise Laos option on cruise ships with air-conditioned cabins, fine dining, and other amenities. Stops made along the way might include the Kuang Si Waterfalls for swimming, a visit to a working elephant camp, guided walks in the jungle, cave exploration, and village visits. The crown jewel in this route is the UNESCO World Heritage city of Luang Prabang. This lovely city is famous for its numerous Buddhist temples and stupas and boasts a wonderful blend of traditional and colonial architecture. You might also enjoy an even longer Mekong cruise in Laos sailing all the way from the border of the Mekong River in Thailand in the far north to the capital city of Vientiane and then down the Lower Mekong all the way to Mekong River in Cambodia and into the Mekong River in Vietnam.

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