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Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is one of the busiest of Asian hubs welcoming business travelers and tourists alike. At the center of an urban jungle, this sweeping metropolis is brimming with intriguing cultures, interesting history, beautiful architecture and many excellent attractions. The capital is where the majority of international flights will land and where connections to other airports happen. Most cheap flights to Malaysia fly into the KL Airport.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport is situated quite a ways away from the city center. Once your flight to Malaysia lands, and you've collected your things, transportation to the city is available on the KLIA Express train, which transports visitors to the center in less than a half hour. Taxis also make the trip though it's more expensive then the express. City transport is comfortable, efficient, easy to use and cheap making for a very easy way to get around during your Malaysia holidays. The LRT or Light Rail Train is by far the best way to get around even though locals use buses more than the train.

When planning a trip to Malaysia cheap flight fares can be found in a few different ways. The biggest concern for traveling to South East Asia from North America is the cost of the plane ticket, which can be a small fortune! When traveling to Malaysia cheap flight fares are possible in two steps. Since a flight to Malaysia from North America can be anywhere between $1,500.00 and $2,000.00 you'll want to look into other options. With options for cheap airfares Malaysia flight costs can be lessened with a connecting flight somewhere along the way.

Jump online and find a cheap flight to London Gatwick or London Heathrow. These flights are available from a number of different carriers. Make sure to note prices that include taxes as sometimes rates without tax are advertised and your flight ends up being twice as much as you thought! From Heathrow or Gatwick your options open up greatly for cheap flights to Malaysia.

Flights from London can be found anywhere between $700.00 and $1,000.00 or more. Malaysia Airlines, and its auxiliary Firefly, link to Penang from Australia, China, India and Europe where travelers used to have to fly via Kuala Lumpur. The government is hoping to see Penang and Langkawi as the leaders in Malaysian tourism and thus flights to the areas will become more readily available.

Obviously, the fastest and easiest way for a flight to Malaysia is a non-stop flight. Cheap airfares Malaysia non-stop flights offer are not as easily found and will require a bit more legwork. Three flights a day are offered by Malaysian Airlines from Heathrow and four from Manchester to Kuala Lumpur. For cheap airfares from North America Malaysia, low season is the best time to fly. Flights get booked solid at the end of Ramadan in September for religious events.

Avoid flying in November to January if possible, as the holidays will see prices spike. At this time of year, thousands from Singapore are on Malaysia vacations as well. From May to June there are more Singapore holidays and Malaysia resorts are crammed full. June through August is the second major peak season and not the best time to look for cheap flights to Malaysia.

If you're heading to Malaysia cheap flight fares can also be found through Air Asia. Air Asia is well known for offering some of the best deals in the region. Once you've secured you flight to Malaysia, think about reserving a room in one of the Kuala Lumpur hotels if that's where you're flying in. Penang hotels can also get busy at certain times of the year and if you're flying in anywhere near a holiday book well ahead.

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