Borneo Rainforest

Borneo Malaysia is the only island in the world belonging to three separate countries, which is one of the things that make it unique. Containing the states of Sarawak and Sabah, the highest point in Borneo is Mount Kinabalu. The name 'Borneo' is used solely as a Western reference. In Malaysia, its known as East Malaysia and in Indonesia Borneo is referred to as Kalimantan. Almost 75% of Borneo and its rainforest is located in Indonesia, and only about 1% is located in the tiny country of Brunei.

Along with the Amazon and Daintree (Australia) rainforests, the Borneo rainforest is one of the oldest in the world, and is brimming with thousands of species of flora and fauna. It is a destination many visit during their Indonesia or Malaysia holiday. Borneo travel inside the rainforest is done with a guide who will offer a host of Borneo travel information. It's possible to be picked up at the airport after your flight to Malaysia and then transported to where the tours begin for ease and convenience. Even if you are visiting the rainforest in the Indonesian section, you are apt to fly into Kuching in Malaysia, as that section is more developed and provides access to the nearby border. However, thre is an international airport in Balikpapan with connections to Singapore, Malaysia, Java and internal destinations such as Jakarta, Java and Bali.

Many Malaysia tours beginn in Kuching and end in Sabah. Often the type of transportation used on trips through the Borneo rainforest is a 4X4 as the terrain can be hard to navigate in certain areas. There are also boats that cruise the rivers in the interior. When embarking on Borneo adventures to the rainforest the sights and sounds are completely captivating. Eyes and ears are keen as visitors are always on the watch for different kinds of exotic wildlife.

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge, in Danum Valley River, is a very popular place to stay and trek with in the region as are orangutan tours who offer similar treks but focus on orangutans. For a five-day trek with all food, accommodation and guide included, expect to pay between $650.00 and $800.00 but be sure to check thoroughly before reserving. Before reserving a tour, make sure to get plenty of Borneo travel information. Find out exactly which activities are offered in Borneo Malaysia and at what pace the group will move. Borneo adventures will begin from the first day when you wake up to the funny calls of the hornbills and gibbons

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge offers adventures that include jungle walks while identifying different species and a cruise along the Kinabatangan River where you will see an abundance of wildlife during Borneo travel. A trip to Sukau Village highlights how the locals live their daily lives in Borneo Malaysia. The Gomantong Caves are part of the Borneo adventures and guides will explain cave fauna in detail.

Other things to do during Borneo travel includes canopy walks, forest exploration with experienced naturalists, trips to view the burial site of the first area settlers, called the Kadazandusunburial, and swimming in the refreshing rock pools below stunning waterfalls found along the way. Also popular are cultural tours that visit remote ethnic groups (sometimes sleeping in traditional longhouses , and bamboo rafting. Dining is available through the tours with breakfast before you head out for the day, lunch on a picturesque stop along the trail and dinner at your accommodation.

Borneo adventures should be well researched. If you're on an Indonesia or Malaysia vacation, you can find many tour operators in different cities who can help you arrange a trip. They will be able to give you specific Borneo travel information such what types of tours are available, what activities and amenities are included and what the rates are.

You will want to have proper equipment to take along with you such as sturdy shoes, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, a flashlight, bug spray, a good pack or bag, a camera and other items you may need. You can do some shopping in Kota Kinabalu for goods you may need before you leave. Often you can leave unnecessary items in a safe at Kota Kinabalu hotels or where ever you are staying on Borneo.

Prepare for your Borneo adventures well and you will have a very memorable Malaysia vacation in the Borneo rainforest. Anticipate gorgeous waterfalls, lush scenery, towering tropical trees, secluded villages, deep caves and regular sights of amazing wildlife such as the wild Asian elephant.

Borneo Rainforest

Borneo Rainforest

Borneo Malaysia is the only island in the world belonging to three separate c...

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