Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Nestled in tranquility and surrounded by clouds at over 1800 meters tourists will find the Malaysia resort of Cameron Highlands Malaysia. Named after the discoverer William Cameron who happened upon this stunning hilltop destination, the Cameron Highland area is often called the "Green Bowl" of Malaysia. Beauty blankets this acropolis and also supplies major Malay cities with fresh produce such as tomatoes, green peppers and lettuce. City dwellers flock to the area during Malaysia vacations as it provides a cool retreat away from hectic daily lives and the pollution and noise found in the larger cities.

As you drive up the labyrinthine road toward the three townships beginning your Cameron Highlands Malaysia vacation, blossoming tea plants usher you into the area. The refreshing mountain air is one of the major draws and you will definitely notice the crispness of it, especially when arriving from a muggy city. The highlands offer a kind of serenity not found in the valley or even along the many Malaysia beaches. The area comprises three townships named Tanah Rata, Brinchang and Ringlet.

Much of the Cameron Highland character has maintained its original charm dating back in history to the colonial period. The rose gardens and inns of Brinchang act as a lovely reminder of British colonials while it's active market, serene Buddhist temple and many crafts by local artisans remains a big draw during Malaysia tours.

Making the enjoyable drive up to the hill station is fun in itself as there are lot of great places to stop and take a look around. Take a relaxing break at Kuala Woh Forest Recreation Park where you can soak in the hot springs or enjoy outdoor dining at it finest at the picnic area. The magnificent Cameron Highland Lata Iskandar waterfalls are definitely worth a look as well.

Things to do during your Cameron Highland Malaysia vacation run rampant and you'll never find yourself wondering what to do! Main activities include shopping, dining, sightseeing great Malaysia golf and relaxing of course. Cameron Highlands Malaysia is home to a par 71, 18-hole golf course. This public course offers a unique experience due to its high elevation and great scenery. Strawberry farms and tea plantations are popular places to visit and a great place to meet locals and learn more about their daily lives.

Trekking is a favored pastime in Cameron Highlands Malaysia. Gunung Brinchang, is a great place to take a hike and offer nice views of the surrounding area. In the evening you can Ipoh lit up beautifully in the distance, especially when the sky is clear and the stars are out. Tropical jungle treks are a great way to spend a day. You can visit the Robinson Waterfall and the Parit Waterfall and get some great snapshots during your Cameron Highland Malaysia vacation.

For some more in depth knowledge of the area and the myths and stories surrounding it, chat up some of the locals. They're very friendly and are as anxious to know more about you as you are about them! If planning on visiting Cameron Highlands Malaysia don't expect tons of action. The biggest attraction of this hilltop resort is it's laid-back, small-town feel. Take the pace down a few notches, especially when arriving from a busy city. Immerse yourself in a relaxed rhythm and allow yourself to truly enjoy the sleepy beat of Cameron Highland life.

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