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Malaysia is quickly becoming one of the premier diving destinations in the world with some of the most abundant and thriving marine life in the Indo-Pacific Basin. Diving in Malaysia will showcase an astonishing bio-diversity of aquatic life. Picturesque islands in Malaysia encompass soothing ocean water and unblemished sandy beaches. When diving Malaysia exhibits its vast and incredible array of marine species including large schools of barracudas, hammerhead sharks, an assortment of turtles and bizarre creatures such as the ghost pipefish and frogfish. Immersing yourself in the ocean during your Malaysia vacation can be one of the most gratifying experiences you'll have while traveling in the country.

When choosing scuba diving Malaysia has a wealth of options that can sometimes be rather dizzying. The first of the things to do is to find a reputable dive company with experienced dive masters. One of the best ways to get this kind of information is by talking to other travelers who have been diving in Malaysia and you'll likely meet many during your Malaysia tours. Most dive centers are very well equipped with the gear and are certified and experienced instructors. It's possible to get PADI certified at affordable prices but be sure to do plenty of research before you choose a company.

With scuba diving Malaysia reveals an underwater wonderland where marine life teems and the quiet atmosphere is resonating. Pulau Payar diving is popular with those wishing for an underwater experience. The island is situated south of Langkawi which is another popular spot for diving during Malaysia holidays. Pulau Payar diving displays an incredible diversity of underwater life including 92 species of invertebrates, 45 species of fish and 36 different kinds of coral. When Pulau Payar diving conditions are most ideal ocean waters are calm and the visibility second to none. The area where Pulau Payar diving is done is 10 square meters exploding with kaleidoscopic color and dynamic schools of fish.

When diving Malaysia has plenty of underwater sights to be visited. Some of the leading sites for diving in Malaysia allow wreck diving, deep dives, wall dives, coral blocks and gently diverging reefs. A dive operator's main concern is your safety and depending on the types of dives in Malaysia you choose to do you might have to have certification. Especially if you choose dives for more experienced people. The instructors will take you down for “check-out” dives to make sure each individual is up to the challenge. With most scuba diving Malaysia sites cater to diverse range of many levels including beginners.

Some of the best diving Malaysia has can be found around the islands of Sabah, the surrounding area of Langkawi Island and the Perenthian Islands. On the east coast the islands of Sipadan, Layang Layang, Mabul and Lankayan are excellent for diving in Malaysia. They are also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia. At many of the islands divers will have a choice of luxurious Malaysia resorts, affordable budget accommodation and everything in between. For the best diving Malaysia conditions are best from December through May on the west coast peninsula and from March through October on the east coast. On the east coast most of the islands remain quite protected and are diveable all through the year but note that visibility is best between April and August.

There are a few vital things to remember with diving Malaysia instructors will remind you. Do not touch the coral reefs, avoid souvenir collecting underwater, don't hassle underwater creatures never, ever anchor above a coral reef. This is strictly to lessen the impact on the fragile environment and is imperative to note when diving. Keep those few things in mind, listen carefully to your instructor and remember that even if you're an experienced diver, there's always something new to learn.

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