History of Malaysia

The history of Malaysia is one of the most interesting in the region. The area that is now known as Malaysia was first written about in records that date back to the seventh century. In Malaysia history timeline, Negrito aboriginals first settled the area and discovered some of the first islands in Malaysia among other areas. They retreated into the hills and jungle areas when the Proto-Malays arrived from China. In later Malaysia history Arabs, Indians, Siamese, Chinese and Malays merged and together became known as the Malay people.

Circa 100 BC circa 1400 AD Malaysia history and culture changed significantly when the Indians arrived. Though they never did find the gold they sought, they stayed on looking for exotic wood, spices and gold. Malaysia history and culture started changing again with the introduction of Buddhism and Hinduism, which greatly influenced the country's people. If you're ever in Kuala Lumpur during a traditional Malay wedding ceremony, many Indian influences will be seen.

From the 1400s on in Malaysia history timeline Srivijaya was an important trading area. This area was later known as Malacca. Malaccas' excellent location led it to great success while dealing with many political problems. Within 50 years, it became a major harbor where commerce exploded and Malacca gained a hold of the western coastline where some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia can be found today.

From the 1500s to the 1960s was the Malaysia history timeline encompassing colonial Malaysia. During Malaysia holidays in Malacca this influence can be seen in the ochre-hued buildings between many other monuments and sights. When the Portuguese arrived, Malacca's control seized to have any affect. The Portuguese took over Malacca with force as they needed their own prime area for trade. After building a colossal fort, the Portuguese were conquered by the Dutch who arrived circa 1640 in Malaysia history.

In the history of Malaysia, the British arrived circa eighteen hundred. While traveling to China, they needed a port to dock their ships. They made an agreement which allowed them to stay on Penang. The Dutch allowed the English to watch over Malacca and this led to land trading between the countries in regards to Malacca. Eventually it was handed over to Britain but the Dutch maintained the upper hand.

In the history of Malaysia, many events created a stir that eventually led to a peace treaty. This resulted in Britain claiming the upper hand. In Malaysia history the Japanese invaded taking away a good part of British control. There was a movement of autonomy by the Malays and eventually the British lost the battle.

In Malaysia history and culture there have been influences from so many different ethnic backgrounds that a true identity was difficult to ascertain for the country. The Chinese enjoyed business powers while the Malay took most of the government jobs. Animosity grew and eventually major strife occurred. Since that time huge steps forward have been achieved mainly attributed to the Prime Minister who has been leading Malaysia for more then two decades.

Today, the country enjoys a busy tourism market. The beaches in Malaysia are the biggest draw for tourists and infrastructure is well developed. Diving in Malaysia remains a popular activity, as is golf. Malaysia vacations are some of the best in South East Asia today and the country shows no signs of slowing down in the tourist market.

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