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The draw of fine, sandy white beaches complete with crystalline warm waters, enticing food stalls, interesting hawkers, bursting sunshine and magnificent sunsets is irresistible. For many a Malaysia vacation wouldn't be complete without a visit to at least one of the many islands in Malaysia for a taste of paradise. A Malaysia islands holiday trumps trips to big cities such as Kuala Lumpur and allows for complete relaxation in a country full of intriguing delights, old world traditions and colorful history.

Langkawi is one of the most popular places for a Malaysia islands holiday. Langkawi Island is found off the coastal area of Kedah and comprises 99 islands in all, Langkawi being the most favored and well developed. Breathtaking natural attractions are surrounded by emerald waters and offer respite from thick crowds of tourists. Beautiful natural landscapes, rustic and modern Langkawi hotels and scores of things to do make this destination one of the best in northern Malaysia. Lush vegetation, hills of limestone and a huge variety of flora and fauna attract nature nuts and water sport enthusiasts from all around the world. Getting there by sea is uncomplicated as ferries whisk tourists off to these islands in Malaysia from ports in Klang and Malacca on an hours journey.

The Sabah Malaysia islands are one of the biggest attractions on Borneo. Many head to the island for expeditions through the Borneo rainforest or to climb Mount Kinabalu but most opt to unwind on one of the many unspoilt islands. With one of the most expansive ecosystems in the world divers flock to the island of Layang Layang for underwater adventures. These immaculate coral reefs are home to a wealth of underwater species such as parrotfish, mantas, dolphins, whales and sharks.

Sabah Malaysia Islands also include the island of Sipadan, another favored spot for diving in Malaysia. Large numbers of Hawksbill and Green turtles breed in the surrounding ocean and lay eggs on Malaysia beaches here. See tornados of barracuda, and large schools of colorful fish for an experience that's hard to surpass. Mabel Island is yet another of the stunning Sabah Malaysia islands larger than its neighbor Sipadan. Bordered with golden beaches and swaying palms locals live amidst the Malaysia resorts. Making local friends is a great way to have a more in-depth experience in the country. Transportation to Sipadan is available daily for diving trips.

Malaysia island holidays can also be savored at Tioman Island. This is one of a series of 64 volcanic islands replete with excellent beaches and blue-green sea. You will not see huge crowds on this beach, rather, many locals inhabit the island and carry on with their daily lives without hurry. Lush vegetation, stunning, colorful orchids, cascading waterfalls, miles of palm-lined beaches and tropical hilly slopes dominate the backdrop. You will truly feel like you're in a haven of natural beauty here. You can get there by ferry from Johor Bahru.

Some more islands in Malaysia include Pangkor which can be reached off the coast near Ipoh and Besar Island which can be also be reached by ferry from Johor Bahru. A Malaysia islands holiday is exactly the thing many need to truly unwind and retreat from hectic daily life. The peace and tranquility found on many of the islands in Malaysia still remains unsurpassed by Thailand's busier beaches thick with crowds of tourists. Immerse yourself in a bestseller, throw a frisbee around, munch on exotic fruit from beach hawkers, strap on snorkeling gear and explore underwater landscapes or take a leisurely stroll around to explore the surrounding landscape.

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