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Kuala Lumpur, or "KL" as it's known, is the bustling capital of Malaysia and is situated along the peninsula on the west coast. Home to a colorful combination of 1.5 people Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is the cultural and political heart of the nation. Development in information technology, commerce, transportation and trade is fast-paced catering easily to the growing population and tourism sector. The many intriguing sights to visit and terrific shopping are just a couple of the popular things to do during travel in Kuala Lumpur.

A flight to Kuala Lumpur can be arranged in a number if different ways. Due to the massive distance from North America a flight to Kuala Lumpur can be costly so be sure to do plenty of research. Malaysian Airlines and Virgin Atlantic both fly direct from London Heathrow on nonstop, regular air service to Kuala Lumpur. Expect to pay less during low season for a return flight to Kuala Lumpur. Even fares return with cheaper carriers such as Emirates, Sri Lankan, Gulf Air and Royal Jordanian. Singapore Airlines and Royal Brunei and Thai Airways all offer flights to KL with stop-overs.

One of the most well-known sights in the country are the Petronas Twin Towers in the center of the city and are one of the more contemporary curiosities of the world. Called "menara" meaning "tower" in Malay they are some of the tallest buildings ever built. At the 41st and 42nd levels the towers are connected by the Skybridge which offers spectacular views. When visiting on your tour Kuala Lumpur can be seen in all her glory from this vantage point. A fantastic shopping mall with many dining options the tower also encompasses the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Petrosains Discovery Centre and is easily reached from many Kuala Lumpur hotels.

During your city tour Kuala Lumpur excellent shopping is all around. Visit Chinatown, Jalan Petaling or Jalan Masjid India for great flea market-type shopping with a huge variety of stalls . You won't want to miss Bintang Walk during travel in Kuala Lumpur. Beckoning travelers and locals alike the many restaurants, pubs, roadside cafes and myriad of shopping provide a great way to enjoy a day. The evening is the best time to go as the area thrives with live music and is lit up beautifully.

When visiting Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Merdeka Square presents a glimpse into the history of the presence of British colonialists. A replica of Old England Tudors can be found in one corner at Selangor Club. Merdeka Square was where Malaysia first marked its independence from Britain. Many monumental buildings flank the square here in the true heart of Kuala Lumpur and offer a chance to explore some of the oldest and most beautiful infrastructure in the city.

During your tour Kuala Lumpur has a wealth of other sights not to missed. Temples and mosques are popular places to visit during travel in Kuala Lumpur and offer a glimpse into local culture. At the mouth of the Gombak and Klang Rivers Sri Mahamariaman Temple, Thean Hou Temple, and the National Mosque can all be visited. Arulmigu Sri Ramalinga Eeswarar Temple is another temple of interest built in 1903. Note that due to the Muslim religion visitors should always cover their arms and legs before entering any place of worship.

Downtown and the surrounding area in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia contains a large number of attractions and sights. Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, the National Monument and Butterfly and Deer Park and the National Planetarium, where there is a walking bridge to the National Museum are all interesting places to see. Architecture can be seen at its finest during Malaysia tours to the old Railway Station, Parliament House and Sultan Abdul Samad where the Supreme Court is. Almost a city within a city the Genting Highlands, just 45 minutes from the city center is definitely worth checking out.

Animated, kaleidoscopic and exotic are great ways to describe this seemingly never-ending city. From the limestone Batu Caves to the exceptional inner city temples tourists often leave Kuala Lumpur Malaysia tired yet extremely satisfied with all there is to see and do.

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