Kuching Malaysia

Kuching Malaysia is the capital of Sarawak, one of the two Malaysian states located on Borneo Island. Said to be Malaysia's "best kept secret" Kuching is an exotic and attractive city with a blend of colonial buildings and modern structures. If your looking for rental cars to have flexibility in your travels, use the car rental search engine. Vibrant Chinese and Malay shop houses can be found all over and provide a unique shopping experience for treasure hunters. The Sarawak River is the main artery of Kuching and the waterfront houses the Kuching Esplanade where most of the town's nightlife happens.

A Kuching flight can be obtained in a number of different ways depending on your travel plans. Midweek from Tuesday to Thursday is the best time to arrange a cheaper flight to the area. Kuala Lumpur is the cheapest hub for air transportation and is a good spot to jump on a Kuching flight. Air Asia is the most popular and affordable airline to fly with and has about 10 regular flights daily. You can also catch a Kuching flight from Kota Kinabalu for very affordable prices.

Once you've arrived in Kuching Malaysia you might consider how you'll get around. Public transport and affordable taxis are available but you might also consider a discount car rental Kuching companies offer. A standard economy car is really all you'll need but you will have the option of others such as luxury, min-van, premiums and more.

At the Kuching International Airport you can pick your car up or hire a car right in town. The lowest price for a discount car rental Kuching offers is surprisingly affordable. When looking for a discount car rental Kuching hotels may offer Malaysia vacation packages with car and accommodation. Make sure to do a bit of research beforehand.

Once you've arrived and settled in head to Bako National Park, a top destination when visiting Kuching Malaysia. Hundreds of species lay claim to the area and though this island in Malaysia is small, the beautiful beaches and walking trails all make a great outing during a Malaysia vacation. Though small, this island is home to hundreds of species of fascinating wildlife. A simple canteen is there for dining and a youth hostel makes overnight trips possible.

The Sarawak Museum offers a chance to explore a 1891 museum during your Malaysia holiday displaying local crafts and old traditions from Malay history. Fort Margherita, built in 1879 to guard Kuching from pirates, is an interesting and impressive building. Inside there's a Police Museum with exhibits featuring the famous "laughing skulls," weapons from the communist insurgence, and Brooke military paraphernalia.

Some of the other interesting sights in Kuching include the Sarawak Cultural Village, Tua Pek Kong religious site, Square Tower, the Chinese Museum and the Annah Rais Long house which is the old Bidayuh Tribe's home. It houses more than 80 families in a traditional Malay long house that is more than 175 years old.

If you'd like to stay in the long house, you can take part in the adventure program which includes accommodation inside this revered home, traditional meals and a tour of the enveloping tropical rainforest where guides will show you beautiful, natural hot springs as well as a cool and captivating waterfall.

Kuching is called Malaysia's "best kept secret" for a reason. There are many excellent ways to spend time in the city and since it's not a popular tourist destination it remains a quiet and relaxing place to learn more about Malaysian daily life, old traditions and a culture mosaic with a myriad of influences.

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