Malacca Malaysia

Fronting the Straits of Malacca is a state, which remains embellished with legend, history and folklore. Malacca history dates back to 1396 when it was first founded and has since acted as and a stage where roles have been played by the Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and English. In every nook and cranny, Malacca history can be found flaunting a past full of trade, power and conquests. Today the cultural blend of people in Malacca Malaysia is one of the most charming elements along with scores of outdoor activities and attractions.

Malacca history began with ancient Malaysia where the first settlers were Negrito aborigines who were later sent into tangled jungles by Proto-Malays who were farmers and seafarers who came from China. Following were the Deutero-Malays who were Chinese, Arabs, Indians, Siamese and Proto-Malays making a very diverse blend of people. This group of people joined with Indonesians in Malacca history and the cultural mix is known today as the Malay people.

Most families head over to A" Famosa Water World during their Malacca vacation. A huge family theme park awaits complete with things to do such as joy rides and water games. Hot-air balloon rides are also popular here and provide great views of the A" Famosa Malaysia resort. An expansive man-made beach, spa pool, wave pool, archery range and boating lake are also found in this exciting family destination.

During a Malacca tour, visit the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum, which highlights Peranakan lifestyles dating back to the 19th century. St. Peters Church in Malacca is the oldest Catholic Church in Malaysia dating back to 1710 and was once frequented by Portuguese Catholics. Another excellent attraction to visit during your Malacca vacation is the charming Butterfly Farm where more than 200 tropical species of butterflies live.

The Dutch Square in Malacca is famous for its ochre-hued buildings and features Dutch masonry and architectural skills at their finest. It's now the Malacca Historical Museum and a popular area for Malacca hotels. The area is great for shopping for gifts and souvenirs and is well worth exploring for an afternoon. The Queen Victoria Fountain and the Malacca Clock Tower, erected in 1886, can also be found here during a Malacca tour. A great choice in delicious cuisine can be found for dining.

Malacca Malaysia is also home to the Jasin Golf Club. For those hoping to try out a Malaysia golf course this 9-hole course is beautifully landscaped and infused with picturesque lakes perfect for an afternoon of golf during your Malacca vacation. The Cheng Hoon Art Gallery contains a blend of original Chinese paintings and drawings and the Kite Museum has a host of colorful kites where exhibits highlight the traditions of kite-making during your Malacca tour.

To see Malacca Malaysia in a more intimate way hail a ride from a "trishaw," a traditional mode of transportation, and take a Malaysia tour along the colorful streets where a striking amalgamation of architecture reveals itself. Jump off at Jonker Street and peruse antiques and collectibles that date back as far as 300 years! Take a cruise along the Malacca River and enjoy a water bound view of riverbank activity during your Malaysia holiday. Whispers of war events and romance can almost be heard while walking among natural paths where betrayal and anguish were once deeply woven into the past.

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