Pantai Cenang

If you're in Malaysia and have decided to take a Langkawi trip, you're in for a most pleasant surprise! A relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, a blend of different people and stunning natural surroundings are all found on the island. Lying on the south western edge of Langkawi is Pantai Cenang with miles of golden sandy beaches beckoning lazy days ahead. Pantai Cenang Langkawi is bordered by charming bungalows and chalets as well as casuarinas, resorts and luxury class hotels.

Dotting the beach there are a large variety of restaurants with an assortment of different cuisine making dining an enjoyable and exciting experience. Since this part of the island has been developing Langkawi tourism has risen and many more people head to the island, particularly to the Pantai Cenang area. Extremely relaxing days turn into interesting nights with contemporary entertainment more readily available at Pantai Cenang Langkawi.

Underwater World is one of the better known attractions in Pantai Cenang and makes a great Langkawi trip if heading away from the beach during your Malaysia vacation. A tunnel made of tempered glass is the feature here where visitors can walk the 15 meters through it and see a colorful array of marine life up close. Thousands of different varieties of fish and marine creatures are showcased at Underwater World both international and native to Malaysia. Underwater World is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Aquabeat is a fun destination for families during a Langkawi trip. Found beside the Lagkasuka Beach Malaysia Resort there is a wide variety of action rides providing spills and thrills for all. Outdoor Jacuzzis are available for those who don't want to jump on the rides. Ice cream parlors, restaurants and some retail shops are all in the vicinity and there are lockers offered for your valuables.

Palau Rebak Island is another favorite spot to visit while on a Pantai Cenang Malaysia holiday. Hit the beach at low tide and you can walk across to this island in Malaysia where beautiful views of the Straits of Malacca can be seen bordered by the Andaman Sea. From low tide, you should start heading back after a couple of hours, as water levels will rise again. Boats for hire will also make the trip out to surrounding areas.

Palau Rebak Malaysia beaches are excellent for hanging out and kicking back. The sandy beaches, tropical blankets of lush greenery and a colorful assortment of birds add to the pristine allure. There is a small shopping area, a marina, one restaurant and a supermarket developed for growing Langkawi tourism.

During your Langkawi trip to Pulau Rebak, other things to do include trekking along island paths and trails taking in the beautiful countryside on the way. You can take a Malaysia tour here with a guide on the trekking trails where exotic birds such as Racquet Tail Dongos and Oriental Pied Hornbills can be spotted. Fishing charters are available for day or night trips during your Pantai Cenang Langkawi tour or choose a cycling expedition and explore rugged terrain, slopes and hills on mountain bikes.

Pantai Cenang beach itself is the major attraction during a Langkawi trip. The water is warm and clear making snorkeling perfect during Langkawi tourism. The water is teeming with colorful shells and small corals along with vibrant fish and other sea creatures. There are dive masters that offer Malaysia diving trips heading out from boats on Pantai Cenang. These can be anywhere from half day to full PADI licensing courses.

When heading on a Langkawi trip don't miss this favorite part of the island. Make sure to explore the area well and take advantage of all the fun activities. Pantai Cenang is a great spot to string up a hammock and relax by day and head out in the evening to enjoy great nightlife along with other travelers and locals.

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