Penang Malaysia

Known as the "Pearl of the Orient" Penang Malaysia sits northwest of the peninsula less than 120km south of Langkawi. Named after the abundant betel nut trees in the area Penang was discovered in 1786 and was the first Far East British trading post established. The colonial era is evident in the plentiful buildings, many of which are still very much intact and wrought with history. A flight to Penang is popular for those not wanting to arrive in the busy metropolis of Kuala Lumpur.

Full of significant cultural relics and a slew of historical buildings, Georgetown is the state capital and a popular tourist destination during a Penang vacation. A Penang tour will reveal a host of interesting places to visit. Wat Chayamangkalaram is one of the many Buddhist temples in the area and is famous for its reclining, gold plated Buddha which sits at 33 meters long and is believed to be one of the largest in the world.

A visit to Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple during a Penang tour displays a number of Hindu deity statues, the most popular being Lord Subramaniam which is adorned with silver, gold, diamonds and other precious stones. Georgetown is on the top of the list for many during a Penang tour and is brimming with distinct and varied cultures and countless historical sites.

Since about 90 percent of the population is Chinese a visit to one of the tea houses in Chinatown is a must during Penang tourism. After tea time head to the Cintra Street Bazaar and find a enormous collection of Chinese antiques and crafts made by skilled artisans. The bazaar flanks two well known streets excellent for exploring. During the evenings this area bustles with some of the best hawker goods found on the island of Penang Malaysia.

Against the commanding Mandarin presence, the vibrant and dynamic Indian community ha flourished in commerce and culture for over a century. Little India is another great spot to explore during your Penang tour. Street vendors and money-swappers sell a dizzying variety of goods and offer some of the best shopping in the vicinity. The vividness of many different religions can be seen along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, or Pitt Street as it was first called. Transportation by foot is the best way to explore the major boulevard during a Penang vacation. Along this expansive route you’ll find the Goddess of Mercy Temple, Kapitan Kling Mosque, Maha Mariamman Temple and the Acheen Street Mosque at the very end.

A few other interesting sights to visit during Penang tourism are the Convent Light Street which is the oldest girls school, artifacts on Nyonya and Malay culture at the University Museum & Art Gallery, the jungle valley at the aromatic Tropical Spice Garden and Khoo Kongsi which is said to be the most extraordinary clan home in Malaysia where intricate carvings, detailed pillars and gold leaf inlaid walls and beams are dominant. Dining can be found all around the area so settle in for a delicious lunch or dinner after sightseeing.

A Penang flight is now more accessible than ever before. Numerous airlines including Firefly, Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia are linking many South East Asian countries, India, Australia, China and Europe to Penang making a Penang flight more readily available and affordable. Before these airlines began regular service to the city a Penang flight had to travel via Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Penang tourism has already begun to flourish even more with these developments. Flights range anywhere from 200 pounds and up depending on where you fly in from for your Penang vacation.

Penang Malaysia is a great alternative to its sometimes exhausting capital counterpart. Things to do in Penang come in a variety making it a destination favored by many different people. Despite rapid growth a number Malaysia beaches still offer plenty of great ocean activities on the northern area of the island. Penang hotels come in variety and the cuisine is delicious and varied offering something for every palate.

Penang Malaysia


Known as the "Pearl of the Orient" Penang Malaysia sits northwest of the pen...

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