How you will get around on your holiday depends on what types of things you plan on doing and where you will be visiting. Within Malaysia there are several options for transportation. When it comes to a budget car rental Malaysia offers deal of cars through many different companies. When it comes to a car rental Malaysia tourists often opt out as public transport is so cheap, convenient and fast. Many car models are exclusive to South East Asia so you'll have to become familiar with them. When visiting Malaysia train travel is popular whether you're traveling from one end of the country to the other or using public transportation in Malaysia.

Public transportation in Malaysia is good with buses, taxis and trains all being readily available and extremely affordable. Getting to the islands in Malaysia has never been easier. Traveling between provinces is fast and easy with comfortable quarters for overnight travel. The major train route, built by the British, runs from Singapore, through Malaysia and up to Bangkok making travel between countries a breeze. Train stations are found in every city and they are the best place to purchase your train tickets.

If you're making an overnight trip you can purchase sleeper bunks which are regular seats by day and are converted to beds at night with a top and bottom bunk. Different classes of tickets are available from deluxe to first class to third class. When traveling within Malaysia, train rates for basic sleeper berths are very inexpensive. The Malaysia train from Johor Bahru to the capital is very cheap for a basic sleeper unit and takes about 5 hours. Head south to Penang on a short train ride or take the train to the Langkawi ferry service and hop aboard for Malaysia holidays on Langkawi Island.

If you"re choosing a car rental Malaysia, rates are very reasonable and offer convenience and flexibility. There are a wide array of cars available throughout the country such as compact cars, luxury sedans, mini-vans and 4X4"s. Deterring many from a car rental Malaysia drivers are brazen so be warned! Driving conditions are not like those enjoyed in North America. Though you may not think you enjoy driving conditions at home, wait until you drive in Malaysia! It does take some getting used to. If you opt for a car rental Malaysia daily rates are usually between $20.00 and $30.00 including all taxes and unlimited mileage.

When trying to find a budget car rental Malaysia will not disappoint. There are many excellent deals to be had. Budget Car Rental Malaysia offers cars from $71.00 per week in a range of models. Toyotas, Hyundais and Hondas are common. When picking up your car rental Malaysia airports are great places to arrange this. You can pick up your car from almost anywhere your flight to Malaysia lands, the most popular being Kuala Lumpur. Bigger Kuala Lumpur hotels offer car parks but confirm this before you rent a car or parking will become a big headache. Many cars in Malaysia are standard, or manual as they are called, so make sure you know exactly what you're getting, especially if you only know how to drive an automatic!

Public transportation in Malaysia in the form of buses are most often used by locals in the towns and cities. They are very cheap with rides costing as little as $0.25! Expect to pay less then a dollar when taking a regular bus ride in Kuala Lumpur. It's the same with places on Sabah. In Kuching you may want to take a bus ride or two but in Kota Kinabalu nothing is more then 3 kilometers in distance.

Taxis are supposed to run on meters but taxi drivers view this more as a suggestion. Many don't use their meters and fares are negotiated up front. If you have no idea about distance vs. rates, find a driver who will use the meter. This is a good bet anyway. Insist on the meter and move on to the next driver if you are refused. It's your right to use a metered taxi. If you know your way around and what the going rate for fares is than don't be afraid to bargain!

With great public transportation getting around couldn't be easier. With a car rental Malaysia attractions can be seen on your own schedule. Whichever route you decide to choose, all modes are transport offer flexibility, convenience and are very affordable leaving you more to spend on relaxing, or diving in Malaysia or on great deals while shopping during your Malaysia vacations!

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