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Malaysia culture is varied and interesting with many different backgrounds comprising one national identity. With so many breathtaking natural wonders, big city attractions, fantastic transportation options, delicious local cuisine, picturesque Malaysia beaches and a host of fantastic events the country offers a wide variety of choices for every type of traveler. Tourist attractions in Malaysia are seemingly endless from monuments rich with history to some of the best outdoor adventures such as diving in Malaysia. A Malaysia travel package is easily found in every scope from half-day trips to a fortnight of fun and more.

Though there are plenty of tourist attractions in Malaysia found indoors, the main attractions are activities and sights located outdoors. There are different seasons in Malaysia and depending on where you want to go and what you want to do you will need to know the weather patterns when booking your Malaysia travel package or tour. The first peak season is in the winter from the start of December to the end of January. This includes all major Malaysia holidays of Christmas, New Year's and Chinese New Year when travel is tough with most hotels and transportation booked solid. The end of Ramadan is marked by the holiday Hari Raya Puasa. It's set on the Muslim calendar and dates change yearly but it does happen sometime in the fall. Find out specific dates if heading over to see tourist attractions in Malaysia as this time is extremely busy!

School holidays in Singapore mark other very busy times in Malaysia. From mid- May until the end of June families from Singapore crowd into ocean side Malaysia resorts. March and August as well as November through December all encompass Singapore school holidays. If you're planning on booking a Malaysia travel package make sure you do well ahead of time.

Summer season peaks in the months of June through August and last into September. If planning on soaking up Malaysia culture on one of the beautiful islands in Malaysia plan ahead. Book your Penang hotels or Langkawi hotels in advance as these areas get extremely busy. Middle Eastern families enjoy holidays around this time of year but after September Malaysia tours slow down again and quiet returns.

Weather will determine how your holidays play out so you'll want to consider the seasons in Malaysia before you plan your trip. Low season from November through March brings choppy water making beach activities and water sports difficult and many resorts close down for the season. Along the west coast April through May brings about the wet season and reoccurs between October and November. At the start of November Northeast Monsoons arrive and don't let up until about Mid-March bringing slightly cooler temperatures with them.

From November through January is the predominantly rainiest time. Rain can fall daily for long periods or come down in short and hard spurts. Between June and September the Southwest Monsoons arrive. Year-round temperature stays relatively average without plummeting or rising significantly. The average daily temperatures are between 66F and 90F, 30C and 32C respectively. Hill resorts such as the Genting and Cameron Highlands enjoy slightly cooler conditions.

Malaysia culture can be experienced anywhere in the country. Where ever your Malaysia travel package will take you, you'll be sure to fin a number of excellent attractions. From the Borneo rainforest to the many golf courses in Johor Bahru there is something in Malaysia that every person will love.

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