Maldives Beaches

Maldives beaches are the single most attractive feature about visiting this country. Largely undiscovered by foreign tourists until the early 1970s, today many travelers' dream vacation is checking into a beach resort in Maldives. There are 80 islands that exclusively house resorts, and they provide everything travelers could need or want in one place. Expect gourmet food, spa treatments, and lots of privacy in the Maldives. Helpful staff can assist you to make the most of your vacation by arranging for activities as well; scuba diving and snorkeling are the most popular options, exposing visitors to the wonders of the coral reefs beneath the Indian Ocean.

The best Maldives beach is the one you wind up on—they are all equally fantastic. When resorts were built in the 1970s and 80s, an emphasis was placed on quality over quantity, preserving the isolated, peaceful atmosphere of the islands. Locals take immense pride in Maldives beaches, and you’ll often see them taking care of these sites. One of the beaches with a great reputation is Maldives Sun Island, located 60 miles from the airport in the capital of Male. Also known as the Flower of the Indies, Sun Island is home to 65 resorts and has a great coral reef you can head out to for a snorkel. With powdery sand and beautiful sunsets, this island fulfills many travelers’ beach-fantasies.

If you’re looking for something a bit more isolated, Olhuveli Beach is also highly recommended. This beach resort in Maldives is reached by a 50-minute speedboat ride and is home to private thatched cottages on white beaches. Some consider privacy to be an important factor in naming the best Maldives beach, and Olhuveli offers peace and quiet at its luxurious resort and spa. Complete with nighttime fishing tours, gourmet food, and water sports, this beach resort in Maldives offers the complete package.

Maldives beaches are best enjoyed from a private beach villa. You can leave the French doors open, allowing the ocean breezes to reach you in your room. Isolated, but with all the amenities you could desire, these villas are the perfect location for relaxation. A refreshing swim is never more than a few steps away, and it is possible to feel as if you are the only guest on the island. If you’re planning a honeymoon, anniversary, or romantic retreat, these types of private beach villas are the ideal accommodation choice.

The best Maldives beach doesn’t require you to even get in the water to see the coral reefs and colorful fish. From the shores of many beaches it is possible to peer through the crystal-clear water for a glimpse of the world-famous reefs. The sun shines year round with very little cloud cover, so it is important to arrive prepared to protect yourself from its rays. Located on the equator, average temperatures are 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (29 to 32 Celsius) and don’t vary much throughout the year. This makes a trip to Maldives beaches the perfect vacation at any time of the year. Opportunities for island-hopping will help you to discover your own favorite spot in this famous archipelago of the Indian Ocean.

Maldives Beaches

Maldives Beaches

Maldives beaches are the single most attractive feature about visiting this c...

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