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Maldives resorts were built with quality and not quantity in mind. There are 80 islands in the Maldives that are home solely to resorts, and some islands even offer the privacy of just one resort. Spa resorts in Maldives are known for privacy and romance, and relaxation is provided by making visitors feel as if they are the only guest on a private island, but with any imaginable amenity within close reach. From romantic dining experiences to private scuba diving tours, a Maldives resort island offers a range of opportunities for pleasure and relaxation.

The archipelago is broken down into a series of atolls. The atoll of the capital Male is home to many resorts, and a popular Male atoll resort is Olhuveli Spa and Beach resort. Located in the southern part of the atoll, this luxury resort offers villas on both land and water. This Male atoll resort is an excellent example of the careful planning that has occurred in the Maldives. Offering every luxury, this hotel has not disturbed the natural environment, providing guests with the unspoiled charm the Maldives have become known for. The resort has been incorporated into the natural beauty of the island, instead of detracting from it.

Beyond this Male atoll resort, there are many resorts in the Maldives that offer private villas. The Maldives specializes in providing intimate beach experiences, and it is an ideal destination for honeymoons, anniversaries, or romantic getaways. Maldives resorts also keep their guests entertained and specialize in arranging excursions. As one of the best scuba diving locations in the world, many travel to this location on the equator for the chance to explore the underwater world. Reefs, tropical fish, and even sharks can be encountered during diving tours. For the less adventurous, resorts can also arrange snorkeling or boating tours for whale watching.

Another popular Maldives resort island is Sun Island. This island is home to more than 60 resorts, all of which offer sandy beaches and turquoise waters. If isolation isn’t high on your list of priorities, Sun Island may be a great option for you. Many would also consider Veligandu Island to be a top Maldives beach resort. The sandy beach has a golden tint and extends to 80 meters in length. A coral reef is in swimming distance of the shore, offering great opportunities to see tropical fish up close. This Maldives resort island can be reached by a short fifteen-minute flight from Male, and the villas on the beach are air-conditioned and family-friendly.

Maldives resorts take many forms: luxury resorts, family resorts, spa resorts, honeymoon resorts, and budget resorts. Airfare has become more affordable to the islands, especially if you connect through Europe or don’t require a direct flight. If you’re looking for indulgence, there is no shortage of opportunities in the Maldives. Luxury resorts offer every possible amenity and every possible package to make your vacation a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Some travelers may be surprised to discover that the Maldives also offers budget resorts. There are options for everyone in the Maldives, and packages may make even luxury resorts a possibility. No matter where you stay, the beach, water, and daily sunshine will deliver a beach paradise.

Maldives Beaches

Maldives Beaches

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