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Mongolia hotels may seem unique when compared with what’s available in other travel destinations in the region. Because the country is a relatively new tourist destination, the variety of hotels is not as large as the majority of other areas. The best hotels in Mongolia are located in the vibrant capital of Ulaanbaatar. This area is concentrated with affordable, modern hotels that are equipped with plenty of amenities and located close to many attractions. If you are planning to travel to other areas of Mongolia, be sure to do your research on the lodging available as the guest houses and ger camps usually do not come equipped with the amenities you would find in a modern hotel. Mongolia accommodation provides travelers with a no-frills, genuine option to experience the unique culture here.

Nearly every hotel in Ulaanbaatar is affordable, and all provide guests with comfortable rooms. The capital is dotted with two-, three-, and four-star hotels and a variety of hostels that are all budget-friendly. While searching for a hotel in Ulaanbaatar be advised that you will not find the five-star luxury resorts that are common in other parts of the world, but you will have no trouble finding a pleasant place to stay. The Décor Hotel is in an excellent downtown location and gives guests the options of a variety of rooms, and this modern hotel provides guests with a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable rooms. If you’re seeking something more historic, the Mika Hotel was one of the first private hotels in Mongolia and has been given a three-star rating; the affordable prices, great location, and friendly staff all make a stay at this hotel a pleasure. The Evergreen Hotel is another popular hotel in the capital, as it is near shops, restaurants, and theaters, as well as public transportation. The rooms here were made with a luxurious feel, there is a restaurant and lounge on-site, and guests looking to relax can use the hotel sauna.

Although the majority of Mongolia hotels are located in and around Ulaanbaatar, there are various other lodging options in the other regions of the country. Ger camps are the most popular form of accommodation when visiting the more rural areas of the country, such as the Northern and Eastern regions. If you are traveling to Eastern Mongolia, the Steppe Nomad's Camp is a popular traditional accommodation option. It is located in the Gun Galuut Nature Reserve and guests stay in traditional ger, a felt tent. The gers are furnished with everything a traveler needs; a comfortable bed, places to store your clothes, and candles and matches. If you prefer a more modern dwelling, there are two wooden houses available for rent. Daily housekeeping is provided, there are a variety of organized outdoor activities, and meals are prepared for you. Staying at this Mongolia accommodation option is a perfect way to experience traditional life.

There are also other ger camps located around the country where guests can stay in lieu of Mongolia hotels. These camps are concentrated in nature reserves and national parks, providing guests with an unbeatable outdoor experience. When traveling in the Central Region of Mongolia, the ger camp in Hustai National Park is quite basic but provides guests with warm gers and comfortable bedding. The ger camp in Gorkhi Terelj National Park is also a popular option for those who are traveling in Northern Mongolia, and the isolated feel of this ger camp gives travelers the opportunity to relax in true peace and quiet. The comfortably-sized gers can accommodate couples and provide guests with a traditional experience.

Despite the massive size of the country, there is not much a great variety of Mongolia accommodation options. However, whether you are seeking a hotel in Ulaanbaatar or a ger camp in the steppes, you will find that there are plenty of comfortable places to stay that will allow you to learn about Mongolia and its native culture. The majority of lodging isn’t well advertised, so do your research ahead of time and you’re sure to find the perfect place to sleep.



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