Bhaktapur Hotels

Bhaktapur hotels are easy to find and come in an accommodating variety of choices. One of the nicest things about hotels in Bhaktapur is that they are far from noisy, traffic-congested streets. There is absolutely no traffic in the city! This makes most hotels in Bhaktapur much more appealing than those in Kathmandu shrouded by noise and pollution. Bhaktapur also has unique history in an already unique country; a history that centers strongly on the Newari people, the first settlers in this country. Bhaktapur is also referred to as Bhadgoan, meaning "City of Devotees" in Newari, and is well known for having a large population of Newari people living in it.

Surrounded by a thick blanket of vibrant green grass and housed in a charming brick building, one of the top Bhaktapur hotels favored by tourists is Planet Bhaktapur Hotel (pictured). It is situated in the countryside, but is only a convenient twelve-minute walk from the city gates. The staff on hand offer plenty of advice and aid in planning treks to the Annapurna Circuit and throughout the Mt Everest area, as well as help to arrange any area tours or trips. Many hotels in Bhaktapur offer onsite dining, as does this hotel, but it is namely notable for its delicious pizza, an indulgence not often found in the Nepali outskirts. Rooms are spacious and bright and offer a handful of good amenities for a very affordable rate.

Culture is perfectly blended with nature—and scores of things to do—at the Peaceful Cottage, one of the nicest Bhaktapur lodging options available. Also set in a rural part of Bhaktapur, Peaceful Cottage is designed in Newari-style architecture, and almost reminiscent of a small pagoda with plenty of artistic flair and unique features. Each room features Newari-style lattice windows and offers plenty of privacy for guests. The best aspect of all are the striking, unobstructed views of Kathmandu Valley, Langtang Range, and plenty more nearby scenery. Peaceful Cottage offers some of the best and clearest views of all Bhaktapur hotels.

A Bhaktapur lodging experience at Shiva Guest House is most notable for excellent Nepali dining, a terrific location, and warm and welcoming staff. With that combination all wrapped in an extremely low price, you can hardly go wrong staying a night or two. Hardwood floors, simple yet elegant furnishings, and a number of convenient services equate to an ideal budget-travelers hotel. Another favorite part of Bhaktapur lodging at Shiva Guest House is the up close view of historic Durbar Square. Being so close to the central square means there are many things to do and see within easy walking distance.

Bhaktapur, although modernized in some ways, retains much of its original charm from centuries ago. It is the most timeless of the three main Nepali cities. Bhaktapur lodging offers tourists a chance to spend a few days or longer exploring this age-old district, with cobblestone streets linking temples, courtyards, squares, and alleyways together. Accommodations in Bhaktapur put forth a chance to enjoy longer periods discovering the colorful, centuries-old heritage of Nepali craftsmanship including amazing weavers, potters, and woodcarvers. Bhaktapur is surely a place to pick up a few rare souvenirs before heading off again.



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