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Nepal flights have gotten much more popular with travelers in the last few decades, especially with intrepid travelers looking for exciting mountain treks along the Annapurna Circuit and throughout the Himalayas. Progressive cultural travel is another reason why flights to Nepal see so many more Westerners on board. Whatever your reasons for visiting, there are numerous ways to go about exploring options for Nepal airfare. Knowing your specific needs is the best place to start. When planning a trip to Nepal, it's best to make plans well ahead and regularly check seat sales and other bargains available. Avoid major Nepali holidays, as well as Western holidays, which means you'll pay less while avoiding incredibly busy travel periods.

Tribhuvan International Airport, or TIA, is the international airport visitors fly into upon arrival. It is the only international airport in the country accepting flights to Nepal from outside the country. When flying out of Nepal, visitors have easy access to regular flights heading into many major cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Karachi, Moscow, Dubai, Dhaka, Bangkok, and Lhasa. Having so many flight options is another appealing aspect for travelers heading off on a European/Asian circuit, which is a popular mix for extended trips.

Nepal's national airline has struggled financially over the last few years. Due to the financial breakdown, the national carrier no longer serves the United Kingdom. This means having to find connecting flights into the country. There are a few good airlines offering flights out of the U.K. with stops en route in places such as Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, Doha, and Delhi. Regularly operating flights to Nepal via a stopover can be the most reliable and convenient way to travel from abroad. With a regular schedule comes fuller flights and more affordable Nepal airfare prices too. Generally, most flights land in Kathmandu where many Nepal vacations begin.

Nepal flights from the United States and Canada are easily available as well. The largest concentration of Americans fly to Nepal from New York City. In Canada, cheap flights to Nepal are available mainly from Toronto—where the largest number of Nepali immigrants in Canada live—and Vancouver. In Asia, Abu Dhabi is the leader in most regular flights with more than three daily flights to Nepal available. Bangkok is also a hot spot for flights heading into Kathmandu, offering some of the cheapest flights available.

Upon arriving at Kathmandu's TIA, you might be overwhelmed at the many things to do. Many visitors begin sightseeing in Kathmandu while others leave it for the latter part of their vacations. Inside the airport, there is a bank that stays open for flight arrivals and offers a fair exchange rate to start you off. There is also a counter to purchase your entry visa if you haven't already got one. Once passed customs, there is also a convenient reservation counter for hotels. Upon your departure make sure to check in at least two hours before your flights so your baggage can be X-rayed and tagged and you can proceed through. Insist your film be visually inspected by an officer if you are carrying any as the X-ray machines will most certainly ruin it.

There are many transportation options once you've arrived. Affordable airfare can be purchased for a convenient variety of domestic flights to and from Kathmandu, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, Biratnagar, and to just about every corner of the country. Sightseeing Nepal flights are extremely popular too, and the best way to explore this rugged and mountainous region. Nepal experiences severe weather patterns that change often and delays are just another part of life so be prepared to be and stay patient. If you absolutely have to be somewhere by a certain day, arrange your Nepal airfare a day ahead at minimum.



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