Nepal Holidays

Nepal holidays offer amazing experiences you can't find in your own backyard. The small country in Central Asia long has been a crossroads of cultures. On your vacations, you'll have the chance to explore modern cities and remote villages, accessible on a trek. Nepal is also a country of soaring mountains and deep valleys; in fact, eight of the highest mountains on earth are contained within its borders. You also could add visits to wildlife preserves and see where endangered animals still live in the wild. Nepal holiday packages also could include time visiting sites sacred to two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. And those ideas are just the beginning.

First thing first, most travelers who begin in North American choose flights to Nepal for their holidays in Nepal arrive in Kathmandu. The capital has a network of modern transportation; beyond the airport, there are buses and highways to take you where you need to go on your Nepali holiday. Many of the popular tourist sites beyond the Kathmandu Valley are within a few hours' drive from the airport and the popular hotels, so you can pack a lot into your plans without spending a lot of time on the road.

When your holidays in Nepal include time in Kathmandu, you'll be rewarded with with a rich array of experiences completely outside of the ordinary. For generations, the Kathmandu Valley has been sacred to the faiths of both Buddhism and Hinduism. Even today, you'll have the chance to visit temples and other holy sites, especially at the Durbar Square, a World Heritage Site. Not all the sites are open to people outside the faith, but their architecture can be admired from afar.

Local artisans also reflect the region's rich culture and welcome vacationers on holidays to Nepal to come and shop among the galleries and outdoor markets. When you return home with handcrafted jewelry or wood sculptures, you'll have some memorable souvenirs and gifts picked up your holidays to Nepal.

The National Museum is another great addition to your plans for Nepal holidays. Its exhibits tell the story of the country's rich history through weapons, architectural findings, and art. The historic palace is also open for tours.

People who book Nepal holiday packages also have the chance to connect with the city's modern side. Many of the Kathmandu hotels offer packages that combine overnight stays with dining and activities. You could visit one or more of the local casinos or explore the Thamel District, where many of the tourist activities are concentrated. You'll find cybercafes, night clubs, and tour companies in this district.

Many of the expeditions get their start in Kathmandu. If you're planning on scaling the heights of the Himalayas on your Nepal holidays, you can pick up gear and meet your guide before your adventures begin. With Mt Everest and some 300 peaks open to climbing, Nepal is a mountaineering wonderland.

If mountain climbing is not your thing, don't worry. Many visitors choose to admire the scenery on their holidays in Nepal by including a trek or two. These guided excursions can be geared to your schedule and fitness levels. Some treks are as short as an afternoon while others last more than a month. Travelers who book Nepal holiday packages along the Annapurna Circuit are treated to treks through some of the most amazing scenery found anywhere.

In the mountain valleys, you'll find national parks and preserved spaces that protect some of the most diverse landscapes on earth. Many of the lodges perched among the national parks offer Nepal holiday packages that include tours and wildlife-watching excursions. There are more than enough opportunities for outdoor adventure among the mountains streams and rich forests scattered throughout Nepal.

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