Kathmandu Hotels

Many Kathmandu hotels present a combination of modern amenities paired with features representing cultural and architectural elements of old Nepal. Hotels cater to all types of travelers with a host of different needs and wants. Stepping off a flight to Nepal and entering into the city, which is pretty much the only true city in the country, can be an overwhelming feeling. Much like your senses can be overstimulated when first visiting Bangkok, the first impressions of Kathmandu can leave some feeling like they've entered a modernized, concrete jungle. Hail the old adage "don't judge a book by it's cover." To truly appreciate the beauty of the city, one must choose between hotels in Kathmandu and spend at least a few days exploring all the best of it, and there is a rich diversity of things to discover.

Dwarika's Hotel (pictured) is a top choice in Kathmandu hotels. The hotel offers award-winning accommodations in Kathmandu and the benevolence of rich history evident in the hotel's architecture, both inside and out. The hotel demonstrates a keen commitment to all guests with beautiful, clean, and spacious rooms adorned with centuries-old interior wood carvings, local artwork, exquisite furnishings, modern baths, and hardwood floors. Onsite at this Kathmandu lodging choice, there are plenty of public spaces decorated with cultural heirlooms, multiple dining areas, lush gardens, courtyards and an outdoor pool, and plenty of great services including city tours.

Hotels in Kathmandu also include Kathmandu Peace Guest House. The lush and winding vegetation draped over and around the building offers a good first look at a truly peaceful and relaxing hotel only minutes from the Thamel Tourist confluence. Free of noisy traffic, this is one of the best valued hotels in Kathmandu offering plenty of conveniences for a low price. Surrounded by a vibrant green garden, Kathmandu Peace Guest House is one of the top choices in Kathmandu hotels because of very affordable rates and extremely friendly and helpful staff. There is a rooftop patio that is the social center of the hotel, as well as three distinct Kathmandu lodging options within the building.

Kantipur Temple House is a centrally located hotel in Kathmandu and built in traditional Newari-style architecture. It is hidden along an alleyway skirting the Old Town. Features include an excellent attention to detail and an admirable stab at environmentally sustainable practices. Guests are offered reusable bags for shopping around the city, onsite dining is all created from organic foods, and clean water is offered in bulk for free. This is one of the most commendable Kathmandu hotels to be found amid the sea of accommodation options available. Handwoven bedspreads adorn guest beds and beautifully compliment the hand-carved, traditional wood fixtures. The only downside to Kathmandu lodging here is public transportation, as it can be a bit challenging to find.

Taking advantage of the variety in Kathmandu lodging is the first step to genuinely memorable vacations in Nepal. The city is not only home to the oldest of all temples in the country, it is also home to culinary delights and diverse dining choices, colorful shopping experiences, wonderful art galleries, alluring museums, and plenty of history and culture. A trip to Nepal isn't complete without an extended stay in Kathmandu. Being the central focus of the history of the country, Kathmandu has a wealth of appealing attractions and sights to offer all travelers.

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