Lukla Hotels

A diversity of Lukla hotels is definitely more difficult to find than Kathmandu hotels or even Boudhanath hotels. Hotels in Lukla are there mainly to accommodate trekkers as this is a popular starting point for treks in the Everest region. The region's only airport is located in Lukla and there is a busy stream of travelers heading in and out of the village. It's best to make prior arrangements at hotels in Lukla in high season, which is in September and November. When lodging in Lukla, there are a number of attractions to see, including the view point for Mount Everest, Ama Dablam Mountain, and Tengboche Monastery.

Most Lukla hotels aren't much like world-class hotels found throughout Kathmandu, Pokhara, or Bhaktapur, three of the largest urban area's in the country. On the contrary, hotels in Lukla tend to be much more traditional and also more basic, yet still comfortable and appealing. Eco Paradise Lodge offers Lukla Nepal accommodations that are simple and incredibly clean. The dining room and lounge that are part of the hotel have a very warm and inviting atmosphere and are a great place for meeting other travelers. Lodging in Lukla at the Eco Paradise Lodge is very affordable and a fantastic place to enjoy a hearty breakfast before taking off into the mountains.

Yeti Mountain Home Phakding is another option in Lukla Nepal accommodations. Situated between Lukla and Namche Bazar, the hotel is located on the banks of the tranquil and quiet Dudhkoshi River. This is a great spot to soak up the mountain environment and recharge before an arduous mountain hike, or after one. Twenty guest rooms each come with private baths and hot water. Though slightly more expensive than mid-range Lukla hotels, the onsite dining choices make a stay here well worth it if you've tired of bhaat-daal and curried vegetables. A large buffet and a la carte menu is ripe with savory, international, and regional options.

There are numerous small guest houses located in the area. They are an excellent alternative to Lukla Nepal accommodations at a regular hotel and will most certainly be cheaper and just as comfortable. When looking for a room in a guest house, be sure to take a look at your accommodations before agreeing to pay, to make sure they are up to your standards. Also be aware that in most guest houses there really isn't much, if any, heat and they can be just as cold as staying in a tent. They are still one of the top choices among mountain climbers and are a great way to meet locals, get inside information and have a closer experience with the people of Nepal.

A stop at the Lukla airport can be overwhelmingly intense, with porters and guides hawking their services to inbound visitors. One great thing about Lukla for trekkers, aside from the short, half-hour flight from the capital, are the scores of trekking and mountain climbing shops all around. If you're in need of equipment, you'll typically find what you're looking for. Namche Bazar, just further up from Lukla, is another great place to head to when looking for mountain climbing gear. Namche Bazar is close to most Lukla Nepal accommodations and is easy to get to via a taxi or local transportation.



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