Mt Everest in Nepal

Mt Everest in Nepal is a place of legend, myth, challenge, and adventure. The world's tallest mountain peaks is one of the most interesting places to explore. If you want to climb Mt Everest, take one of the established treks at the base camp, or experience the amazing setting, you'll find an experience unlike any other.

The entire region, in the eastern portion of the country, offers a wide range of experiences. While Mount Everest is the most well-known attraction of the region, there is so much more to explore. Other peaks, including Lhoste and Makalu, soar more than 25,000 feet into the clouds. For comparison's sake, the Rocky Mountains rarely are around 14,000 feet. Surrounding Mt Everest in Nepal, you'll find an interesting assortment of villages with interesting places to explore surrounded by glacial lakes and beautiful forests. Many of the Buddhist monasteries and tea houses along the way welcome visitors from around the world.

The South Base Camp, the gateway to Mt Everest in Nepal, is a highlight of many trekking vacations. As one of the most visited places in all of the Himalayas, the area offers a well-established trekking route as well as everything visitors need to fuel up for the trip. Typical treks head to the Dudh Koshi Valley, Monjo, and Sagarmatha National Park.

While spending time at the next stop, South Base Camp, many visitors savor their time at the Namche Bazaar. A memorable addition to Mt Everest holidays, the trading center is well equipped with modern comforts, including a cybercafe and a pub. You'll also find hotels; many visitors spend a few days here before moving on. You'll also find plenty of opportunities for good dining and shopping. If you need some more gear, the equipment stores are stocked with what you need to keep going.

Leaving the South Base Camp, many trekkers continue to the Imja Khola Valley. Several mountain peeks loom in the distance, including Lhoste, and Mt Everest in Nepal. After some mountain climbing to Thyangboche, trekkers can take tours of a Buddhist Monastery, before following the trail to Dingboche and the Khumbu Glacier. Tea houses provide a place to relax and refuel before hiking the glacier back to the Everest Base Camp.

For those who want to the face the challenge and climb Mt Everest, the adventurous souls will experience vacations of a lifetime. The legendary Sherpas are based in the Solukhumbu district. As guides, expert climbers, they are well versed on the history of Mt Everest and are an invaluable part of the treks, which require a special permit. Those planning to climb Mt Everest will face the changes and rewards of scaling the 29,029-foot peak on the border of Nepal and Tibet. Even though Everest is the tallest peak in the world, not everyone considers it the most challenging peak in existence. Even so, only 2,700 or so people a year make it to the summit.

Many more vacationers visit the region without making to the top. A wide array of shorter hikes, on Everest and the other peaks, are offered by tour operators based in Nepal and abroad. Even if you never lace on hiking boots, you can still admire the amazing region surrounding the world's tallest mountain.

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