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The range of Nepal hotels found throughout the country is incredible. While tourism became a more regular part the people's modern existence, accommodations in Nepal still very much reflecte the centuries-old traditions and ancient architectural styles of old world Nepal. Like many countries that have slowly developed around steadily growing tourism, standard hotels in Nepal have changed and a great shift in the tourism sector has seen many hotels able to compete with more contemporary countries. Yet, tourists will still see strong evidence of the days of old. Newari (the original settlers of Nepal) architecture is still a great part of many Nepali settlements, especially in Bhaktapur and Bandipur.

Quaint inns and guesthouses generally do offer a more genuine cultural experience than many larger hotels in Nepal. The trade off with staying at smaller Nepal hotels might be a lack in services or amenities, but for many, the simpler, the better. Services in smaller hostels, inns, guesthouses, and hotels are centered around a more personalized experience. Often smaller Nepal lodging choices offer tourists a deeper understanding of the region and its people through a closer connection with hotel personnel. For some tourists, the freedom to speak with locals and find out more about life in Nepal is what they're after. And in many ways, it is a cultural exchange of ideas and thoughts as many Nepali people are as curious about life outside of their country, as tourists are about life in Nepal.

Luxury hotels are not hard to find in more urban areas, and especially in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the best place of all to find the most luxurious Nepal lodging available and to relish in spa treatments, world-class dining, topnotch tours, and many more perks of staying in the city. Both Bhaktapur as well as Pokhara are other top locations where visitors can find excellent luxury hotels, like the Fulbari Resort and Spa in Pokhara. There are also numerous luxury resorts beautifully incorporated into the Nepal landscape, tucked away and enveloped by snow-capped mountains and lush, sweeping valleys. A stay in one of the luxury hotels in Nepal is certainly an experience to remember and to relish in.

There are thousands of mid-range hotels offering Nepal lodging at great rates. Many Nepal hotels will offer guests great bargains when booking vacations solely through them. Guests can book area tours, rafting trips, mountain climbing treks, and many more things to do all in one location and save a bundle off the top. In October to November, tourists are clamoring to get the most of Nepal's best season and visitors arrive in droves. This can be a more expensive time to purchase flights to Nepal as well, so aiming for an all-encompassing vacation package with one hotel can be a good bet. Just don't get roped into services and additions you don't need because in the end, it's not worth it. It is never a deal to buy anything you don't need or want, even if it is a good "bargain." It's best to save your money for special souvenirs, an especially exciting trek, or even a night or two in a luxury hotel instead.

From Kathmandu, to Pokhara to Boudhanath, there are many excellent Nepal hotels in all kinds of price ranges. In the larger cities it can be a relief to have something booked upon arrival. In smaller places, finding accommodation can be as simple as walking down a street or two and looking at a few rooms. Onto the smaller villages of Lumbini, Lukla, and the Langtang Valley, guest houses and home stays can be particularly interesting places to stay, many of which exhibit the beauty of graceful and alluring Nepali architecture, some of it even original. Many of these smaller Nepal lodging options are located in the midst of local settlements rather than in a strip of tourist hotels, making the location as desirable as the more in depth experience is.

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