Pokhara Hotels

Pokhara hotels are easily some of the most popular in the country because of the simple fact that most treks begin and end in Pokhara. The renowned Annapurna Circuit trek ends in Pokhara which means there are plenty of exhausted tourists looking for a place to rest their bones for a few days at hotels in Pokhara. Pokhara is flanked by a beautiful mountain topped with gleaming white snow and pummeled by the icy winds of the Himalayas. Pokhara lodging offers a place from which to explore this breathtaking area sitting on a lakeshore and completely and unabashedly tourist-ridden.

The Sacred Valley Inn is a leading choice for tourists looking for Pokhara hotels. The inn is situated in the heart of the Pokhara Valley adjacent to Lake Phewa and enveloped by the Himalaya peaks of the famous Annapurna extension. The hotel is a Pokhara lodging choice that welcomes returning guests year after year. It provides many excellent services and such a friendly staff that it holds many traces of home in a place that likely couldn't be farther away from it. Pokhara lodging at the inn means simple, clean, and affordable rooms, onsite dining on the rooftop and in the courtyard, and plenty of things to do in the area including boating, paragliding, shopping, swimming, and rafting.

Some much welcomed, and often much needed, luxury awaits at the Hotel Bahari in Pokhara, next to Lake Phewa. The outdoor swimming pool and adjacent spa are two of the most promising and appreciated amenities onsite. The pool is also the largest of all Pokhara lodging options with pools. They are both ideal for anyone needing a swift recovery from a long and difficult mountain trek. Though there are many luxury hotels in Pokhara, the spa seems to be the main reason many choose Hotel Bahari over other luxury hotels. The hotel is tucked away from the noisy city backdrop yet is within easy walking distance to the Lakeside social scene, internet cafes, restaurants, and boating areas.

There are countless guest houses to choose from when visiting Pokhara. They are an excellent substitute for Pokhara hotels with the smaller guest house run more like a family home than a hotel. Several guesthouses in Pokhara are settled in naturally beautiful areas, surrounded by mountainous views, and tucked inside deep, lush valleys. As regular hotels in Pokhara have their benefits, so do guest houses like Mountain House. Run by a Nepali-Dutch couple, Mountain House is affordable, clean, has beautiful views, and is centrally situated for the ultimate convenience.

For many heading out for arduous mountain climbing, Pokhara is a place to indulge in all the comforts that certainly won't be found along the way. For other travelers, it's a place to delight in cold beers, sizzling steaks, and comfortable Pokhara hotels after much time spent eating Nepal's staple food of bhaat-daal during mountain tours. For those not planning on trekking any mountain passes, hotels in Pokhara can still serve an enjoyable purpose. Surrounding accommodations in Pokhara, there are plenty of caves for spelunking, waterfalls to admire and photograph, museums to explore, and small Tibetan villages to visit in the nearby hills.



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