Nepal Attractions

The scope of Nepal attractions throughout this magical, Himalayan kingdom is simply breathtaking. The friendly and open attitude of the Nepali people is one of the most engaging things about Nepal, which is also one of the poorest countries in the world. Beyond a warm and inviting welcome, thousands of attractions in Nepal span Himalayan mountains and the some of the best trekking in the world. Rich history, ancient temples, shrines and monuments, and incredible architecture are another part of the diversity and beauty. The many adventurous things to do in Nepal attract both the fearless and the curious. From frosty mountain tops to humid Indian Plains, Nepal's geographical makeup is as contrasting as the tourist attractions within Nepali boundaries.


Kathmandu is a leader on the list of must-see attractions in Nepal. It is the capital and the most animated and colorful city in Nepal. Kathmandu is home to a 1,000-year-old building, scores of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, the famous UNESCO World Heritage site Durbar Square, dozens upon dozens of excellent dining choices, and Royal Chitwan National Park just to name a few Nepal tourist attractions in the city.


Explore the details surrounding the very first Nepali settlers when visiting the towns of Bhatapur and Bandipur. See stunning Newari architecture, absorb the medieval ambiance, walk traffic-free avenues, and witness the enduring ways of Newari life.


Set in a tranquil valley and one of the most preferred starting points for rafting and trekking, Pokhara is another treasured destination during Nepal vacations. Plenty of geographical marvels are found in and around the city including caves, waterfalls, museums, colorful bazaars, and plenty of diverse city quarters.

Chitwan National Park

World renowned and sparking the curiosity of pretty much every visitor ever stepping foot into the country, Chitwan National Park takes the cake as one of the best Nepal attractions to discover. Since 1973, Chitwan has been amazing visitors to south-central Nepal. From lakes to arresting flood plains to the Churiya hills, Chitwan is simply incredible. Beyond the park's astonishing topography, the range in wildlife includes an impressive number of unique species.


Trekking has to be the leader in attractions in Nepal and to exclude it would mean painting a very inaccurate picture. From the Annapurna Circuit to trekking along any of the seven of ten highest mountains in the world means the ability to see the true nature and beauty of Nepal. The Mt. Everest Circuit, Mt. Kangchenjunga Circuit, and the Annapurna Sanctuary are some of the most celebrated treks in Nepal.


Visiting Lumbini means exploring the birthplace of Buddha and one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. It is located near the Indian border in a town called Kapilavastu. While for some, this site is a definite must-see, others may be on temple overload and skip it altogether. Anyone interested in the history of Gautama Buddha should have a look around Lumbini, a site where major historical events occurred.

Sagarmatha National Park

To the west of Kathmandu lies Sagarmatha National Park, hailed as a World Heritage Site since 1979 for its rare cultural, natural, and geographical qualities. Rugged Himalayan terrain, plunging gorges, and mountains as far as the eye can see is what you'll find in this striking national park.

Temples and Stupas

Most of the best-known stupas and temples in Nepal are located in or near Kathmandu like Swoyambhunath Stupa, Boudhnath Stupa, and Pashupatinath Temple. Temple tours are another of the most popular things to do in Nepal and offer an otherwise overlooked insight into the country's history and cultural background.


Tansen is one of the those great Nepal attractions that not everyone knows about. Located northwest of Chitwan National Park, this charming town offers a sea of ancient temples, plenty of traditional villages within it, and a host of hilltops presenting magnificent Himalayan scenery.

Mountain Flights

If you can spare the expense from your budget, taking one of the many mountain flights available is most certainly the best way to the whole of Nepal with a birds-eye view. It's also a great way to spy other attractions in the Nepal visible from the air. By far a mountain flight is the most exciting of all things to do in Nepal.

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